Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Yann and Lewis - the perfect double act

Eddie Howe can only have been delighted with the work and understand that is already building up between Lewis Grabban and Yann Kermorgant against Leeds Utd yesterday. The pair looked like they were a partnership that knew exactly what they should be doing and they played to each others strengths. I especially thought that Yann popped up just about everywhere in the first half and really showed his commitment to keeping a starting place.
Lewis Grabban keeps his eyes and shots on target.
There is no doubt that Yann has more about his game than most strikers. He is so comfortable with his back to the goal and sees things very quickly which creates opportunities for himself and others. His link play is particularly strong and you can already see that he is enjoying himself at Bournemouth.
Yann looks like he has been playing at AFCB for ages. He is fitting in so well.

I have said that Lewis Grabban is sometimes underrated but I expect most Bournemouth fans are beginning to see by now that he has qualities that have progressed massively since last season. He is carrying the fight up front for 90 minutes in most games and is scoring regularly at this level.
Lewis has got the scoring habit.
I think that we are starting to see something more from him now though. With Yann beside him he is even more assured and looks like he can rely on Yann to give him good layoffs while making the runs he needs to. It is going to be an exciting end to the season with these tow in the team. AFCB fans like many others might have been envious of Ings and Vokes but it is just possible that Eddie has found a new double act that can carry the Cherries forward to even greater things than they have already achieved this season. 

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