Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Cherries help themselves to some Blackburn crumble 0-1

Match Description
Blackburn 0 v 1 AFCB
Attendance: 13,081 (213 AFCB fans - I bet they are having a party!)

This was a game when I think most Bournemouth fans would have been happy with a point. But Eddie Howe was having none of that. This was a winnable game he felt and to beat Blackburn away is really saying that the Cherries are a powerful Championship team now. The defence has just gone up another level and we can't wait for the next game to come. It's three wins on the bounce now and this team is buzzing with yet another clean sheet.

Eddie Howe did not have to change the team too much from the previous game. Only Arter's recovery brought him back into the starting eleven in place of Brett Pitman who moved to the bench. It looks like Ian Harte was okay to start after his hard outing at Blackpool and Grabban would again lead the line for the Cherries. It was sad to hear the Yann Kermorgant was still in Rome with his heel injury making him a major doubt for Saturday, perhaps he can get back in time for the Charlton game.

I was interested to see how good Gestede was up front for Blackburn with Rhodes. I am sure our players were also thinking how nice it would be to score against Paul Robinson, an ex-England keeper. It was surprising that David Dunn was only on the bench as he is such an inspirational player for Rovers.

Match Description: Listening to BBC Radio Solent with Kris Temple and Willo

Evans sends a cross is and Gestede is in there and Lowe has a shot but the ball is out of play off of Francis. Spurr throws long to Gestede and the Cherries defend with Ian Harte and as it comes back in a Blackburn player is offside. Gestede is a big six foot tall player apparently. A bright start from Blackburn.

Lowe and Kane and Conway. It's on the left with Keane and Gestede has a shot that is blocked. A cross comes in and Rhodes is in there but Elphick gets a touch for a corner. Conway takes the corner and O'Kane gets it away. Conway has it back on half way Rhodes almost gets in behind.

Grabban now tight angle and his shot is saved! On the break, Robinson makes a good save. "He's not always happy to take it on his left foot says," Temple. Four minutes gone.

Harte to Arter, but he can't find Ritchie and Robinson has it. handball against Handley. Francis advances but Keane cuts the ball out and Varney is beaten to the ball.Arter now Surman to Grabban, the pass is just over hit.

Varney and Conway against Harter a cross right over the six yard box but Cook does well. Conway floats it in for Gestede but camp makes a catch. Surman to Francis and Ritchie up to Grabban but Robinson has it. Evans long ball goes out of play for a goal kick.

Fraser on the left is held up by Conway. Grabban tries to get through and Ritchie has a shot which the keeper tips round the corner. a corner, Arter in the box - well blocked. O'Kane in and Keane heads away. 12 minutes gone, Fraser on the left. Surman is stopped by a wall of blue and white. Fraser goes down and Lowe has it over the top for Rhodes but the centre halves cover.

Evans and Spurr down the left now Keane. Conway and Lowe. Spurr now on 15 minutes but Elphick is across and Ritchie puts the ball out. The Cherries defending well. "It's a mist night," says Willo "Perfect for football."

Francis heads away and O'Kane but the ball is back with Robinson. Arter and Hanley go in for a big challenge. Gestede heads down and Lowe Arter misjudges bounce but Surman helps it on. Grabban has it and Fraser but Hanley comes across. Ritchie has a shot from 20 yards wide! Willo is not complaining about that.

Cook makes a mistake and Conway over to Rhodes but he dinked it into the keeper's arms. Fraser to Surman but Spurr brings it away. Varney is tackled. Corner to Blackburn Gestede heads but is off balance. Surman over half way out strips Spurr for pace. Grabban to Surman across half way. Ritchie near the penalty area, Fraser crosses blocked and Francis puts in a high conversion better for the rugby pitch, says Temple.

AFCB certainly shooting on site. Ricthie wins a free kick on half way. 21 minutes gone. Surman gives away a free kick on Spurr. Robinson plays it long, O'Kane wins it. Jason Lowe has it Harte regains possession. Ritchie has a shot but it's out for a goal kick. Ritchie is shaking his head. "Perhaps he should have taken it on a bit with one or two more touches," says Willo.

Fraser fouls a Blackburn player. Must mark up here. Keane comes forward from the back. Conway takes to the back post but it comes off Keane for a goal kick. Arter loses possession. Varney on the left passes Surman. Conway infield and Kane to Keane. A woeful ball though, out of play!

Cook up to half way. Lowe has the ball. Not a great game says Temple. Francis down the right and Varney's challenge is penalised. Elphick and Cook come up. Quote of the day from Willo coming up. "It was more like Reg Varney that tackle," says Willo. Through the letterbox please Ian Harte. No straight to Robinson!

Evans and Conway beats Harte. Out to the touchline and Spurr. Over the top to Rhodes but Elphick wins it. Surman to Grabban but it hits Lewis' heel. Half an hour gone.

Blackburn give the ball away. Ricthie on half way to Harte and gets it back from Fraser. Ritchie and Grabban and Fraser's cross but Keane clears. Gestede gives it away to Arter. Kane and Conway but Harte tracks back on Gestede. Some times it's three up for AFCB when Ritchie and Fraser push on.

Kane on half way and Keane. Francis fouls Varney, 13 minutes left this half. The Cherries defend and Gestede heads forward but Camp catches okay. "Gestede is a Benin international," says Temple. "Not too many players from there."

Francis cross is caught by Robinson. Arter gives the ball away. Rhodes chasing the ball but Lowe had hit it too far. Blackburn with Evans and Conway hits it straight out of play! "It's not been particularly good," says Temple.

Ritchie holds it up, O'Kane and Ricthie to Grabban. Ritchie again and Blackburn clear. Evans over the top but cook beats Rhodes easily. Arter builds again. Camp has the ball. Fraser and Conway tackled by Harte. Ball out of play. Willo says why don't we change sides for the wingers? "Barmy Army," is sung out.

Gestede to Conway on the right, but it's charged down by Harte. Kane pulls it back but Cook is there. Grabban on the left with three with him. Fraser ion the box, Arter and Fraser. Back to Harte but it's out of play. 39 minutes gone. Next to nil in chances.

Over the top to Varney is he pushed over by Francis? Varney went to ground and had the legs of Francis but no Francis won the ball cleanly it appears. Ritchie is away but its out of play. Varney hit the floor too easily says Temple.

Grabban down the left but Robinson clears. Elphick heads but it goes to Spurr and Francis tackles him. Arter comes away with it. AFCB give the ball away and punts the advertising board. Three minutes of this half left.

O'Kane to Grabban and Ritchie shoots off target with his left foot and it's out for a corner. It was only half a yard wide! Good time to score. Harte to take. Cook off the post! And away. "It was a free header and Cook hits the left hand post with Robinson beaten!" Come on you reds, so close from Cook.

Harte now up to Francis in space and Robinson makes a terrific save over the bar. "Francis could not have hit that better," says Temple from 23 yards out. Harte in and volleyed away by Gestede. Grabban and Fraser's ball is cleared by Rhodes. Grabban and he has a heavy touch. Blackburn goal kick. One minute of extra time.

Francis to Grabban on the right, ball into Surman just to high and Hanley clears. A fierce challenge and a yellow card to Ritchie. Half time - lots of boos from Blackburn fans. AFCB were certainly getting stronger towards half time.

Second Half
AFCB kicking left to right in the second half in red and black. Robinson in purple has the ball. Arter on half way. Cook heads the ball in his own half. Spurr down the left against Francis. Spurr is in a heap. Robinson has the ball again. Will we see Feeney this half?

Keane has the ball. Free kick to AFCB. Conway wins it and Rhodes stops thinking he is offside. Cook's clearance is charged down but Gestede's shot is taken well by Camp. O'Kane and Ritchie but the execution is poor when he was looking for Grabban.

Conway and Kane goes backwards. Hanley forward but the flag goes up for offside. Pugh looks like he is warming up. Cook gives the ball away but Gestede is forced wide and Harte clears up. Grabban and Francis ahead back to Fraser but a good tackle from Evans. Grabban now. "Come on Bournemouth."

O'Kane and link with Fraser and Hanley wins the ball well. Grabban looks for Ritchie and Gestede has gone down. Francis is hurt from a Varney challenge. "This looks like bad news," says Temple. "I thought it was studs up," says Temple. He is all right!

Pugh comes on for Fraser on 53 minutes. Pugh sliding tackle from Lowe and it's back with Robinson. O'Kane rides a tackle. Pugh on the left across goal but straight to Robinson."Come on Blackburn," we can hear.

Steve Cook chests down up to Pugh but Hanley gets across. Conway and Cook slips and O'Kane is there to block, heads are up but it's out for a goal kick. "Excellent stuff from O'Kane," says Willo.

Blackburn are coming back into this half after the Cherries bright start. Gestede wins a corner off of Marc Pugh. Conway takes and Gestede heads wide of the post. No threat on the goal.

Grabban over the top for Ritchie is too strong. Arter pressurises Keane. Lowe on to Spurr and Elphick heads away. Arter on the ball and Harte to Arter and Grabban. Francis to Surman and Ricthie goes down! No foul. "Elphick though it was a penalty 50 yards away," says Temple. Spurr did get the ball says Temple having seen the replay.

Surman to Pugh and infield to Arter and back to Pugh but it's cleared. Blackburn fans are getting frustrated. Cook plays a ball back to Camp. 

Substitution, Feeney on for Varney. Dunn also comes on for Gestede, 62 minutes gone. O'Kane has the ball and Harte, cut out by Conway on the left side.

Francis in the centre circle. Arter, Grabban picks it up but Evans clears and it's straight out of play. Ricthie is outnumbered but wins it back. Surman to Grabban and Surman to Arter who shoots well wide. It's been well dominated this half by AFCB, but not goals. "That's the way we like it, woo" is sung out by the Cherries.

Surman to Grabban and AFCB have a free kick. Big cheers as Birmingham have scored Burnley. Grabban picks it up on the left of the area and lashes it into the net 1-1. 25 yards out beat the keeper on the near post!! 66 minutes gone.

Grabban plays the ball in for Surman and it's a corner. Five corners to four in the Cherries favour now. Harte to take. Lots of boos from Blackburn. Short to Pugh back to Francis. Cook in the area nearly beat Robinson and great save by the keeper and other corner."15 times AFCB have scored first and never lost," says Temple. He loves that stat!

Can AFCB get the second goal? Blackburn have it at the back. AFCB force the ball back with O'Kane doing the hard work.

Blackburn win a corner. Conway to take and Hanley stays back. Into the six yard box but cleared. Elphick wins a header ahead of Rhodes. Conway's ball in Cook clears, Surman goes in on Dunn. Is that a penalty no. It's another corner. Elphick heads away!

Kane loses the ball.Arter has it and slows play down. The ball is out of play. Lee Williamson is almost ready to come on. Hanley's back pass is just long enough. They are taking off the captain and centre half Hanley and bringing on a midfielder, 74 minutes gone.

Grabban avoids handball shouts. O'Kane but Kane has it back to the keeper. Harte puts in a tackle on Feeney. Conway keeps the ball in against Francis. Ritchie holds them up and Rhodes is beaten to the ball by Harte.

Conway is helped up to his feet by Francis. Lowe has the ball at centre half. Blackburn are three at the back and four in midfield. Rhodes has it but passes poorly. Francis on Spurr and Arter canons it off Spurr for a goal kick.

Coulibaly looking to come on. Camp misfired his kick it went back for a corner! 11 minutes to go. Cook wins a header. Cook puts it out for a corner. AFCB under pressure now. Conway and Elphick heads away. Evans on the touhcline and Elphick puts it over the bar! "What a clearance that was," says Willo. He had to throw himself at it as Rhodes was there. 

Blackburn ask for hand ball against Ritchie. No, but another corner. And another corner. On the back post Cook clears to half way.
Coulibaly comes on for Ritchie on 82 minutes.  Camp up to Coulibaly but Conway is there. AFCB put in a cross but Robinson has it.

Blackburn strike it long. Evans to Feeney but Cook blocks and clears  to Williamson. Dunn 25 out but Elphick wins it. O'Kane hurdles a tackle. Arter has pulled up with his calf! MacDonald has to come on, says Temple. He has sat down but gets up again. Steve Hard checks him out.

MacDonald comes on for Arter on 86 minutes. Cook clears to Pugh who holds of Kane but it's a goal kick. Blackburn come again. The ball is out off Pugh, 3 minutes to go. Harte blocks off Feeney. It's a free kick. Conway takes it short but Rhodes puts it over the bar with his header.

Pugh infield, Rhodes tussles with Cook. Surman recovers the ball. Blackburn have it again, but Cook puts in a tackle for another corner. A right footed out swinger. Elphick and then Cook and O'Kane clears. It's all the way back to Robinson.

Extra time 5 minutes. MacDonald beats Williams. Surman to Coulibaly turns away from a blue shirt. Coulibaly weaves his way down the side but it's out of play. Conway is tackled by Elphick. Dunn to Conway but he loses it and it's a goal kick.

Cook clears and MacDonald goes in. Conway wins it to Evans, but the Cherries clear and Kane is fouled. Robinson takes and Elphick climbs and Grabban clears. Cook now heads away. Feeney to Williamson and Evans to Conway. Cook again heads. Camp goes up and claims it. This is painful to listen to. Blow the whistle. Barmy army is heard.

This will be an amazing win. Hold on. Yes!!! 0-1 to the Cherries.

The first time in 26 years that AFCB have won three in a row in the Championship! That has to be the best result of the season so far. Away from home against a top Championship team on a cold winter's night and a Grabban sharp shot takes all three points. Overjoyed! Still unbeaten in March. I'll have to make predictions like that more often.

Camp, Francis, Elphick, Cook, Harte, Ritchie (Coulibaly 82), Arter (MacDonald 86) , O'Kane, Fraser (Pugh 53), Surman and Grabban

AFCB Subs:
Allsop, Smith, MacDonald, Pugh, Coulibaly, Pitman and Rantie

Robinson, Kane, Hanley, Keane, Spurr, Varney (Feeney 61), Evans, Lowe, Conway, Gestede (Dunn 62) and Rhodes

Blackburn Subs:
Dunn, Eastwood, Williamson, Taylor, Feeney, Dabo, Henley

Referee: David Webb

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