Sunday, 27 April 2014

Cherries end of season pitch invasion and celebration

The end of season last home game always sees a pitch invasion of some kind and while the Bournemouth fans had not secured a promotion there was no less pleasure in how the team had performed over the last nine months. When the final whistle went against Nottingham Forest it was a mass dash for the players who soon found themselves mobbed by the hoards of supporters who just wanted to greet their heroes.

As the game reached its final stages there were plenty of shouts of: "If Rantie scores we're on the pitch". Sadly he did not get a shot on goal but Rantie did set up Kermorgant for the fourth and he may well have a bigger part to play next season.

It was not many minutes before the crowds were being asked to vacate the pitch so that the players could come out on to the pitch safely again. While some were a little slow to remove themselves behind the barriers the reluctant ones got there in the end. As the players came out there were still thousands of supporters who had stayed behind to have a bit of a party and to thank them for the season. Below is a shaky video of the crowd pitch invasion, but it gives you some idea of how many were there.

One by one the players came out to tremendous cheers and the back room staff were also given a huge welcome before Eddie Howe stepped on to the pitch. It might not have been as loud as last season, but everyone was keen to celebrate like it was a promotion.

We can now look forward to the last away game next weekend and already the players are keen to sign off with a win to take their overall points haul to 69 points.

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