Sunday, 13 April 2014

Fraser's finishing was a real heads up!

It shouldn't be as comical as it was but Ryan Fraser's equaliser at Huish Park had us in stitches for a few minutes. It was very fortuitous to say the least and I don't think I have seen many more luckier goals than that but they all count. If that had gone in against AFCB I would have been livid so I can understand Yeovil fans being gutted by the final score. They say luck equals itself out over the season and AFCB have been on the end of some poor decisions like the Derby County free kick and the Leicester City Kevin Philips 'was it over the line goal?'. So perhaps the Cherries were due a bit of good fortune, even if Byron Webster ended up as the fool guy.

It was more worrying to me that this was the only way that Marek Stech was likely to get beaten unless we had won a penalty. The Yeovil defenders were top class on the day and our attackers could not make much progress against their back line. It came as a bit of a surprise after scoring do freely against Reading, QPR and Birmingham but that is the way of the Championship.

Ryan Fraser at Huish Park on Saturday. He was
later to use his head to good effect to give AFCB a lucky equaliser.
Ryan Fraser should not mind that his goal was a fluke. At least he was causing problems by running into an area where the ball was going to arrive and while he could have known nothing about what was about to happen he will treasure that goal for the rest of his career. Let's face it you don't score one like that every day of the week - I bet it hurt his face too. As for Ryan I thought he had a descent game without really peppering many shots at the Yeovil keeper. That can be said for a few members of the team though and it is important that Eddie Howe has them firing in the shots this week to get their aim back up.

If Fraser had not beaten Yann Kermorgant to a shot in the second half when he boomed a shot over the bar it is possible that Yann might well have struck a better finish. We will never know but on a day when things were not quite working out for Bournemouth at least Ryan had one moment that may have been painful but resulted in the team getting a point.

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