Sunday, 20 April 2014

Eddie will want to get things right

I know that Eddie Howe will have been steaming that his side only picked up one point against Yeovil and Sheffield Wednesday. He is a winner and he will not have liked any of  those results and he will probably be questioning himself. I hope he doesn't dwell too long on that. We are all in this together and we are in uncharted ground as far as AFCB are concerned in the table and it is largely because of Eddie Howe that the club is in that position.

AFCB subs at half time against Sheffield Wednesday.
We may like to see our favourite players on the pitch and question why one is not playing when the team is on a bad run, but we don't see how the players are everyday in training and it is sometimes a judgement call how managers see games panning out. Some times the bigger pictures is all important and defeats tell you much more about players they say. Information is good for Eddie Howe, it is what he thrives on, what he seeks to gain and store up like a sponge and to use it to his advantage. It is learning from the mistakes that have made him the manager he is - one of the best in the Championship.

I find it a lesson to all of us how he will listen to someone who wants to offer him an opinion whether they are right or wrong. They may just say one thing that gives him something that they might not even realise. A tactical thinker is always a good listener and Eddie will be picking up the pieces from the last two games and trying to see how he can turn it around. I hope he does it, but if he doesn't I know it won't be because he hasn't tried. Keep the faith! AFCB have not turned into a bad team all of a sudden and the game at Ipswich is a winnable match. Let's enjoy the last few games and show how proud we are of the team.

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