Monday, 7 April 2014

Eddie is our King!

There was a pleasant smile on my face and a warm feeling at the end of the match against QPR. The North end was in full chorus singing "Eddie is our King" and you could tell that there was much mutual respect going on as Eddie was applauding the home crowd for their fabulous support. I don't remember a more noisy crowd than that at Dean Court in recent years. As the teams had come out it was a raucous statement of AFCB's support and QPR fans must have known this would be no easy game with Bournemouth fully up for this match.

Thumbs up again from Eddie - another three points.
It was Eddie Howe's preparation and tactical skill during the match though that made a big difference to the result. He was waving away at this players signalling for them to push up and make more space. He did not panic when AFCB were under big pressure and by half time Bournemouth had the lead that they so desired.

While Reading won at the weekend to make Bournemouth's task more difficult to overhaul them it may not be a bad thing that AFCB have remained out of the spotlight. Everyone is still talking about Leicester gaining promotion after QPR's defeat and not about Bournemouth who remain in 10th place and level on points with three other teams who after the weekend's results are perhaps more aware than most of Bournemouth's late rise up the league.

Eddie Howe will not be resting with a 10th place finish. Believe me, he wants that sixth place and he will be thinking already how he can achieve that. If it all goes wrong against Reading know one will blame him for taking his side so far and to get within six games and five points of a play-off place. The Cherries know that they can live with anyone in the Championship and it bodes well for the remaining games and for next season wherever they play their football. What we do know is that it will not be in League One and that already makes Eddie Howe a hero for me. 

Eddie has the team buzzing!
All Eddie can say to his players now is let's aim to win the remaining games and let's see where that takes us. It just maybe that the media will not be able to ignore AFCB when it comes to 3rd May.

We have added some more away day pictures to our Facebook page - if you down load the mobile app for Cherry Chimes you can check them out easily.

Meanwhile, All Departments has released its Kangaroo Court to report on another great day for the Cherries as they beat QPR 2-1 at Dean Court. You can visit Michael Dunne's podcast at All Departments or scroll down the right hand panel to listen to the sound bar or listen via Cherry Chimes mobile app.

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