Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Cherries run play-off hopefuls Reading ragged 3-1

Match Description

AFCB 3 v 1 Reading

8 April 2014
Attendance 11,182

Wow! Just how good is it to be a Bournemouth fan these days. What an incredible match this was. AFCB are just passing teams off the pitch these days and Eddie Howe continues to puzzle opposition managers with his team's play. Yann Kermorgant and Lewis Grabban simply were too powerful for Reading and despite the danger of the Royals on the break, AFCB's players had no nerves and took on a former Premiership team tonight, toe-to-toe, in a race for the play-offs and came out well and truly on top. 

Eddie Howe just made the one change with Eunan O'Kane coming in for the suspended Harry Arter. Shaun MacDonald also came into the squad on the bench. Meanwhile, Nigel Adkins brought in Bridge for Williams who had scored the winner in Reading's last game against Charlton.

Match Description
Listening to BBC Radio Solent with Kris Temple and Willo
"This is the one that counts for AFC Bournemouth," says Kris Temple. AFCB kick towards the Ted McDougall stand and Elphick makes a clearance as the ball goes back to MacCarthy. Drenthe cross to  Pogrebnyak and Francis headed the ball to the penalty spot and Obita's volley had to be smartly saved by camp! Pearce now heads the ball wide! What a start.

Reading are playing 4-4-2. Robson-Kanu is on the field so no Danny Guthrie for Reading, so a late change. Grabban in the centre and Surman and Grabban, Kermorgant is on the deck and gets a foul. Harte plays the ball out to Ritchie and Francis who loses the ball Le Fondre goes down easy under challenge from Ritchie.

Surman turns away from MacAnuff and the Cherries have a throw. Robson-Kanu has it and back with McCarthy. Pogrebnyak goes down from Elphick. MacAnuff and Gunter over hits it through to Camp.

Grabban on his right foot and Ritchie makes the finish. A left foot shot against Mccarthy and it's 1-0 to the Cherries. Grabban beat the offside trap down the left and Matt struck the ball hard and low inside seven minutes!

Pogrebnyak claims a foul but the Cherries have the ball. O'Kane beats Obita and Kermorgant plays the ball into Grabban but Gunter and Obita clear. Drenthe heads the ball and shoots straight at Lee Camp.

Reading have it at the back. Pearce now. Grabban plays in Ritchie who goes down but no free kick. Harte is on the ball and O'Kane is challenged by Gorks.

Le Fondre on the left and Surman fouls a Reading player. Free kick a long way out. It's too strong and AFCB start the next move off. McCarthy now, 12 minutes gone. Gorks loses control of the ball.
 "Red Army" is sung out.

McAnuff and Pugh handles the ball and it's a free kick. Elphick wins the header and Obita pulls on Surman and it's a free kick to Bournemouth. The Reading centre back look slow against the Bournemouth strikers. Elphick up to Kermorgant, Ritchie's ball in and Grabban is given offside. Willo disagrees with the decision, 14 minutes gone.

Drenthe barges into Harte and a free kick to Bournemouth is awarded. "Adam Lallana and Jack Cork are in the crowd," says Kris Temple. Francis crosses and gets a corner. "Set-play for Bournemouth - can they pull one out of the bag again?" says Willo

Surman to Harte and Kermorgant but Robson-Kanu is away and Drenthe should have passed to Le Fondre who would have been through on goal but Drenthe messed it up.

Pugh wins a throw now. Flag up and Grabban is offside. Kermorgant over the top to Grabban and too many blue shoots but the ball is back in from Surman to Ritchie and a great finish - it's 2-0 to the Cherries! "He picked his finish so well there did not seem to be much space for him," says Temple. "Grabban has scared them to death," says Willo. 18 minutes gone.

"It's a huge start to the Cherries," says Camp. Pugh turns Gunter and Gorkss clears. McAnuff and over to Drenthe. "Barmy Army" is sung out and Elphick heads out. Francis now gives away a corner after Bridge threatened on Readings left.

Camp catches the ball from the corner and came a long way for it. AFCB now have a free kick. Ritchie to Francis as Gorks puts the ball out. Francis and Ricthie gives away a free kick. O'Kane plays it up to Ritchie but Gorkss has the ball. Grabban now is tackles on the wing.

Francis wins a throw by the corner flag, 25 minutes gone. Francis swings it in and Ritchie volleys high and McCarthy catches the ball. Drenthe plays it up to Robson-Kanu and Pogrebnyak shoots but took the pace off the ball and it's easy for Camp. 

Obita and Robson-Kanu but Francis makes the tackle. Harte makes a clearance and Pugh up to Grabban and Surman to Pugh who is fouled by Obita. "Ohhh ohh, that's the way we like it," is being sung now.

Kermogant wins a header and Ritchie crosses to Pugh but Gunter clears. Harte has the ball and there's a foul on Surman. It's 30 yards out. Ritchie drills it along the floor and it takes a touch off the Reading wall for a corner. "Boscombe back of the net!" McCarthy catches it and Drenthe loses the ball - poor throw out from the keeper.

Kermorgant flicks it on Surman and Ritchie and O'Kane swings the ball to Pugh, Harte with him the cross comes to Kermorgant but Obita is there, 14 minutes to half time. Kermorgant wins a header and O'Kane down the right back to Francis Elphick into Ritchie Kermorgant with a header and good save and the rebound is cleared.

O'Kane plays it in, Grabban and Francis can't get there. Reading free kick. Francis doing some defending. Bridge is held up by Ritchie and Reading have a corner. Deep to the far post Pearce is in there but it's hooked back to Camp. Pugh is isolated but gets it to Ritchie and Kermorgant out to O'Kane, AFCB retaining possession.

Surman to Ritchie and Francis Grabban - there was a handball in there to take it away from Grabban. Not wild appeals though - Gunter's arm? Harte with an out swinger Ritchie gets free and Elphick hooks it over!

Kermorgant has caught Reading player and play is stopped, 8 minutes to the break. Obita is forced back and Gorks up to Le Fondre and Bridge wins a throw off Francis. Obita is blocked. McAnuff now. 1300 tickets to Reading fans tonight, we are told.

Grabbana and Kermorgant - Grabbbbaaann! and it's wide -close! The two boys up front for Bournemouth are ripping the Reading centre back apart. it was a one-on-one and sadly missed.

Harte fouls Drenthe in a dangerous position. Grabban again with a shot 40 yards out but it's well saved. Le Fondre's header goes through to Camp.

Kermorgant picks the ball up over half way. McAnuff loses it Pugh to Grabban but a poor ball goes out for a throw. "Eddie Howe's Barmy Army".

Elphick beats Pogrebnyak in the air. Grabban has space attacking the centre circle. Ritchie sees Francis and pulls it back to Kermorgant and it's three- nil ! "This Juggernaut is almost out of control," says Kris Temple.

Kermorgant deserves that, says Willo. "3-0 at half times doesn't half look good," says Willo - what an understatement, says Kris Temple.

"Yann Kermorgant is the chant now." Pearce gets booked for a lung on Grabban - no he gets away with it. Lucky boy.

Harte delivers and it's half-time 3-0. "It's dreamy stuff," says Willo.

Second Half
Gorkss is under pressure and Ricthie puts it out. No changes at half time. Kermorgant come clear and Pugh but it's back with Reading. Francis wins it and fins Grabban. Pugh on the left pulls it back but Obita clears to O'Kane. Surman and Pugh one-two and Reading clear just before Ritchie can get in. Francis takes a whack on the head from Le Fondre who goes down.

McCarthy has the ball back. O'Kane fouls Gunter.  A high tempo from AFCB here. Reading with Le Fondre tackles by Francis. "We're on our Way," sing AFCB fans.

Pogrebnyak on the far left looking for Obita but it's cut out. O'Kane over half way and checks back to Surman. Olays from the Cherries fans. Kermorgant to Ricthie and some tracking back from Le Fondre and Elphcik buffets Pogrebnyak.

Reading have a throw. Gunter off Pugh and Cook volleys clear. Drenthe against Harte, drag back and Ricthie is there. Gunter and Kermorgant and Pugh has a route out with Cook. Reading have started better this half.

Obita on the centre spot and it's mis-controlled by Robson-Kanu and a goal kick. O'Kane wins a header and McAnuff against Francis and a free kick to Reading is given. Pearce and Gorkss go forward, 55 minutes gone.

Drenthe delivers and Kermorgant defends by heading the ball over. Camp comes and his handling is flawless. pearce yanked back Kermorgant to stop Yann breaking quickly. Francis nods the ball in field and Francis back to Elphick but it's a Reading throw.

Le Fondre to Pogrebnyak and goes to ground theatrically with a Francis challenge. Another free-kick. McAnuff and Pearce to Drenthe who is caught by Pugh. up to Grabban and back to Pugh and O'Kane. Pugh is fouled 40 yards from goal. Francis darts around the outside and Mccarthy palms the ball away. Ricthie back in and Gunter gets the slightest touch ahead of Pugh. 

Francis up to O'Kane and Pugh has space. Harte and Grabban with him and Pugh has a shot but not really worrying for the keeper.

On 59 minutes Le Fondre comes off for Leigertwood and Bridge comes off to allow Kelly on. Gunter pushes up to the right side and Reading are going to a back three.

Harte fouls McAnuff. O'Kane clears and up to Grabban. The ball is cleared by Obita. Surman now keeping the ball. Pearce clips Grabban and another free kick to the Cherries. Ritchie low ball into Kermorgant but it fizzes past everyone.

Some 63.5 minutes gone. Goal kick now to AFCB. Grabban on the run and as he strides away the shot just goes over the top! Down the left now AFCB come forward again. Obita down the left and runs into Francis. 

The second half has been comfortable but Reading have come more into the game. O'Kane is penalised in midfield. Elphick wins the head and Drenthe goes down. Grabban runs on and Francis in support. On the byline Kelly holds him up and it's a goal kick and Drenthe is back up.

Ricthie on the right and Grabban takes on Kelley but it's out for a goal kick and is too high for Kermorgant. 
Kelly down the left and it's brought away by Surman. Grabban behind Gorkss and his low shot only just goes wide!

AFCB sub, Fraser comes on for Pugh. Reading sub Drenteh comes off and Blackman comes on. Pearce and Pogrebnyak to Robson -Kanu and a cracking shot makes it 3-1!

The announcer has given it to Obita and yet BBC Solent say it was Robson-Kanu. That has shaken things up a bit.

Kermorgant up to Granbban and Fraser on the byline against Gunter. It's cleared up to Surman and comes infield looking for Grabban but Pearce wins the header. 14 minutes to go. O'Kane and Harte, but Fraser loses the ball. Obita to Kelly and wide to Obita and Pogrebnyak is tackles by Cook. Fraser into Kermorgant but the flag is up on Fraser.

O'Kane loses the ball. McAnuffa nd Blackman plays the ball in and Cook clears. O'Kane now towards the corner and Harte keeps possession. Kermorgant is just kept out by Pearce. Fraser mis-times his challenge on Gunter and goes in the book. Goal kick to Reading ad AFCB get back to managing the game.

Grabban in the corner is tracked by Gorkks. Elphick gives away a free kick. Pearce comes forward and Obita to Kelly but Francis is there and O'Kane is caught. Obita is given a yellow card. AFCB sub and Pitman is coming on for Grabban on 84 minutes.

Kermorgant fouls a Reading player. Gorkks puts his own player Kelly under pressure and the keeper has to clear. Reading down the right with Obita and Cook clears. Elphick also kicks the ball up towards Pitman.

Just two minutes of normal time left. Ritchie has a shot deflected through to to keeper. Harte back to Surman as AFCB keep the ball. Pitman wins a free kick off Gorkss. 4 minutes added on for extra time.

Can the Cherries crown the night off with another goal? Kermorgant hits it too high. Ritchie is held up by Kelly and gets a free kick. Ritchie comes off to a standing ovation and Shaun MacDoland comes on for AFCB.

Cook punts the ball up down field. reading with Mcanuff and a cross that Ekphick and Kermrogant deal with. It's back with Reading's keeper. Cook heads the ball and it's full time.

Just two points off the play-off positions. You have to think this Bournemouth team is in with a chance now of that top six place. It was do or die tonight and AFCB have been brilliant tonight. Let's see if they can keep it going with five games to go. Bournemouth have won five in a row and 8 of their last 10 games - that is promotion winning form! Enough said.

Camp, Francis, Cook, Elphick (c), Harte, Ritchie (MacDonald 92), O'Kane, Surman, Pugh (Fraser 77), Kermorgant, Grabban (Pitman 84).

AFCB subs
Allsop, Ward, Smith, MacDonald, Fraser, Pitman, Rantie

McCarthy, Bridge (Kelly 59), Gunter , Obita, Gorkss, Pearce, Robson-Kanu, McAnuff (c), Drenthe (Blackman 78), Le Fondre (Leigertwood 59) , Pogrebnyak

Reading subs
Federici, Kelly, Morrison, Leigertwood, McCleary, Blackman.

Match Highlights

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