Saturday, 12 April 2014

Strange but wonderful times at Bournemouth

I've seen this guy somewhere before!
I remember last summer catching the train to the pre-match friendly at Woking. That  day I saw Wes Fogden get injured in what was his last meaningful game for the Cherries and we lost the game 2-0. The next day we would be playing Real Madrid in what was probably the most talked about friendly of the summer, but I also got to speak to Eddie Howe that day and asked him to sign a programme for me. While the team had just been defeated and I was a bit down you couldn't see any such feelings in Eddie's face. He happily signed the Stephen Purches testimonial programme for me that I had brought along from the previous week's match, and while I was wondering how AFCB were going to complete in the Championship in the current season, Eddie was calm and thoughtful with his mind already on the next game.

Who would have thought that after the pre-season series of games and the difficult early away games of this campaign that the Cherries would be sitting here five games away from the end of the season and on the brink of a top six finish? I certainly couldn't see it having lost to teams like Woking and Salisbury in pre-season, but such games improve fitness and much was leaned from the big defeats against Watford and Huddersfield as well as a certain Real Madrid.

Now I just want to take five minutes to take things in and just work out what this team has achieved so far this season. I am looking at the table and all those incredible teams that are sitting below the Cherries. Is it conceivable that Bournemouth could even start rubbing shoulders more often with teams like Liverpool, Arsenal and Man Utd? I can't even contemplate it at the moment, but I know that if it happens one day Eddie Howe will simply take it in his stride. It is strange for us as fans to be reaching such heights, but for Eddie it all seems to comes naturally although I know there is much hard work behind everything. He is one of those leaders that is just born to be in that kind of top company though and will surely become an even greater manager. 

And today we have Yeovil Town waiting to play the Cherries. Are the inflatables almost ready to make an appearance? Yeovil may not be Real Madrid but I am just as excited about seeing Bournemouth take on the Glovers as I was seeing the team play against the Spanish giants. This season suddenly means something - it's probably going to be the biggest season in the club's history and we should savour every minute. Strange times indeed - UTCIAD!

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