Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Should Birmingham's second half goals give any cause for concern?

While AFCB won the game at St Andrews fairly comfortably in the end it was clear that a clean sheet would have been preferred. Birmingham showed that they had not given up on the points and once they had scored a goal they really came at AFCB hoping that the Cherries might crack. It didn't quite happen for the Blues but our defenders will not have enjoyed Frederico Macheda's excellent double strike.
AFCB players at St Andrews.
To be fair the game was won in the first half hour. Yet, a team must try and keep the form going if they are not to let the opposition have an opportunity to get back into the game. Ian Harte's goal would have finished off most teams but at this point in the season I don't think you ever fully kill off a team that knows that every point could mean the difference between staying up and going down or getting it a play-off spot or not.
Lee Camp almost had a horrid moment in the first half, after 10 minutes, when the ball
bounced against the post as Kermorgant tried to clear a corner.
I did not think that Lee Camp had much chance with either goal and as a whole Bournemouth defended well and played on the counter for most of the second half. I am not sure how much energy it takes up to play the way they have done in the first halves of the last two games, but it is asking a lot to tell the players to keep that going for all of the 90 minutes. In any case, once you have a few goals in the lead it is only natural that the players ease back a little.

Two goals against AFCB in the second half was a bit surprising considering how well the team had been doing but I don't feel it is a massive concern. Macheda looked a much better player than Zigic and worked well with Novak. If anything it gives Eddie Howe and Jason Tindall something to work on during the week and it's a reminder that no team is really out of a game until that final whistle goes. Getting back to keeping clean sheets will be critical against the next two opponents though. QPR and Reading will be more difficult opponents and AFCB may look to play a little differently against such strong attacking sides. 

It is worth looking out for tonight's Championship results as Wigan in fifth play leaders Leicester and Blackburn 12th host Bright who are just one place ahead of the Cherries. 
A great performance by the Cherries but the next
two games become even bigger now. 
All Departments gives AFCB fans another chance to think over how well the team played at Birmingham. You can tune in by going to the All Departments' website or by scrolling down the right hand panel to the All Departments' sound bar on Cherry Chimes.

Well done to those who spotted the Ian Harte April fool gesture to donate a pair of his boots to Jordon Ibe in this morning's post on Cherry Chimes. If you didn't spot it I am going to get worried about you lot!

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