Wednesday, 16 April 2014

AFCB still in the hunt for a big finish to the season

The draw against Yeovil was not the result that AFCB fans wanted but it was certainly better than a defeat and for much of the match Yeovil played very well. You will get games where nothing really goes right on the day and this was simply one of those games when a carpet of pitch seemed helpful to Yeovil and our players looked all at sea. The ground may have played a bit slow, but AFCB had very little zip about them on the day and it is up to the supporters to try and lift the players now for the final few games. All is not yet lost if the club wants a play-off spot.

AFCB players will set out again this Friday to try and get the three points.
Staying in the hunt for that final play-off spot will need one last big effort from everyone. It is clear that Bournemouth are not favourites and never have been so supporters should not feel too downhearted about the Yeovil result. It is the form of the team that matters and what mood they are in as they reach a crucial part of the season. The Easter games will decide AFCB's fate and you have to go back to the start of the season and think where did you place Bournemouth to finish in this league? Be honest it wasn't in the top 10 was it? I still think Brighton will be AFCB's biggest threat to secure that top six place but we'll see how the games pan out over the weekend - perhaps that view will change.  

The last games of the season should be exciting.
So enjoy the final four games and get behind the team. If it is not our year to reach the play-offs then we can be happy that the players have still over achieved and look forward to next season knowing that the club is moving still very quickly in the right direction. I haven't given up on a top six finish yet and a win against Sheffield Wednesday on Friday would put AFCB right in the thick of it with massive games against Ipswich and Nottingham Forest and then a nail biter perhaps at Millwall. I can't wait!  

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