Monday, 14 April 2014

Speedy Smith - will he come into Eddie's thoughts now?

Adam Smith gave me and perhaps Eddie Howe something to think about when he came on for Ian Harte in the last half hour against Yeovil. He instantly made an impact with his running and intensity which no other Bournemouth player had managed to do in the first hour. It may be that Adam was hyped up and really bursting to play having been on the sidelines for so many games, but he played so well that he may have given Eddie Howe a reason to think about making more use of him now.

Adam has always been a quick player who likes to get up the wings and deliver his crosses. He put in a great one against Yeovil that had their defence in trouble with Webster questionably handling the ball as he tried to make a clearance. I like Adam's direct style and it was his introduction in the game that really saw the Cherries rally for the first time at Huish Park. Before that it was all a bit pedestrian and the urgency that he gave the team almost sparked an even better result. Ian Harte has performed magnificently for the team this year and it will be very interesting to see if he has the opportunity to play in all the remaining games. His delivery from corners and free kicks have caused teams so many problems and I thought his position would only be threatened by Charlie Daniles return, but now Adam Smith has come into the equation. I expect Ian to keep his place but we could well see more of Adam Smith in the second half of games from now on.
Adam Smith at Huish Park. Can he make an impact at the end of this season?

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