Sunday, 6 April 2014

Pitman's magic minute!

Brett Pitman did not have much to do you could say on Saturday against QPR. A few stretches on the touchline and a warm up before the game and half time, followed by a lengthy sit on the bench with the other six subs. But to get called onto the pitch after 94 minutes is something that is almost impossible to prepare for fully. You must be thinking that's it for today, perhaps I'll get a go next week. Not so, you're on Brett and you have a job to do!

Brett only had a minute on the pitch, but what a minute!
Brett has always been a valuable team member despite his lack of time on the pitch this season. He is one of the few Bournemouth players who had experience of the Championship before this season and that knowledge will have been shared with his team mates. While he was the main man in form at the end of last season it hasn't really happened for him this season. It cannot have been easy for him, but he is still willing to do what he can when he gets a chance.

The way he sprinted onto the pitch in that final minute was good to see and he even tapped a couple of players hands as he made his way into the box. He and his team mates were keen to see him on the pitch and if you watch his movement, he made an intelligent move back onto the goal line when he could see that corner from QPR was going right onto the head of Richard Dunne. He must have had his heart in his mouth for a few seconds as he could see the ball coming towards him. It was not a moment to be indecisive though as an error would have surely meant a goal. Instead Pitman stayed calm and headed the ball safely away from danger only to get completely mobbed by his colleagues who had registered yet another major three points in the Championship. UTCIAD!

Ian Harte, you can't keep Ian quiet for long.
Finally, it was good to see Ian Harte pick up his player of the month watch yesterday. He is another player that is relishing every minute on the pitch at the moment.

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