Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Do you worry about what the other teams are doing?

You can look at your league tables and can predict away at the results you expect or hope for but it's on the pitch where it all happens. AFCB fans may hope that Brighton, Ipswich, Blackburn and Reading have a few bad days at the office and drop a few points in the remaining games but I think it is more healthy for our team and supporters to concentrate on our games and just see if we can beat the next team and then the next, etc.

AFCB players just need to concentrate on their games.
In doing that you are kind of taking the pressure off your players and just asking them to try and win a game of football. It is weired the way that the mind works because the last four games are no bigger than any other four matches in the course of a season. All the games have a maximum of three points at stake so they are no more important if you look at things in that way.

Getting hung up though about what Brighton are doing or Reading or Ipswich is going to to get your heart racing and it's all part of the fun as the games count themselves down. The away fixtures are going to be more difficult for the teams to win and the ones to slip into that sixth place are likely to be the ones that do best away from home in the remaining fixtures. The home games you simply have to win and the pressure is likely to be even higher at home because of the expectancy. How the players cope with that will be all important. UTCIAD! 


  1. I'm an Ipswich fan living in Bournemouth and this is all brilliant. A real shame that it looks like we both can't get into the playoffs. Bournemouth have been superb this season, and Monday's game will be a thriller.

  2. Hi Ipswich fan, glad to hear from you. I hope you liked your visit to Cherry Chimes. It is exciting times and I hope that AFCB can won against Sheffield Wednesday to really make Easter Monday's game a thriller - I am coming to Portman Road with my sons for my fist visit and am really looking forward to it.