Saturday, 21 June 2014

Could AFCB play with interchangeable forwards?

Eddie Howe will look closely at how the Cherries take their game to other teams now that Lewis Grabban has departed. Watching the World Cup I have enjoyed seeing some great attacking play. The young promise in England's national squad has not been successful yet but the forward play is surely headed in the right direction. Along with teams like Chile and Costa Rica, they have tried to make their forwards interchange positions during games which is something that you don't see so much in leagues like the Championship. But how easy is it to be expansive in your play?
Can Rantie develop more variety to his game
so it is not simply pace in straight lines?
Firstly, you have to ask do the Cherries have the players to add this type of interplay to their game? I believe we have already seen some of this type of play at Dean Court and in Yann Kermorgant Bournemouth have a player that is very capable of being comfortable of taking the ball in tight areas and manoeuvring play bringing others into the game. He is the kind of player to release quicker runners like Rantie and McQuoid. But can Rantie ever be as effective running wide rather than through the middle? I don't see Rantie as being at his best out wide. His direct style makes him more of a player to play on the last man. But McQuoid is a player who I believe can be effective in several positions across the front line and is one player that would be a contender to be able to switch positions during a game as the gaps appeared.
McQuiod has the legs to stretch teams.

Kermorgant is quick thinking enough to take up
positions that make defenders feel uneasy.
I would like to see Eddie Howe work with the players in seeing AFCB's players add the movement that we have seen from England players like Lallana, Stirling and Sturridge who interchange so effectively. We have seen Ritchie and Fraser swap wings during a game but it would be good to see them moving frequently into wholes in front of defences and turning them as well as getting in behind. It would require a lot more work from AFCB's forward players, but it has been exciting to see in England's performance against Italy and something that would confuse and stretch defences in the Championship.
I like to see Ritchie cut in side to rifle his shots in at goal.

At the moment though, the Cherries are one or two players short of having the pace up front to make such a system truly effective at the moment, but maybe Ryan Fraser and Josh O'Hanon could develop their game in this way and other new striker signings could be looked for who show the potential for such movement as the Raheem Stirling's of this world who are just as comfortable on the wings as they are in the number 10 role. 
World Cup Chimes previews Germany v Ghana which kicks off at 8pm tonight.

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  1. I think this is a great idea and I don't know why it isn't used much. It confuses defenders so they never have a clear idea on what will happen next. As you said a few more players to do this and its ashame because I think grabban would have been perfect for this. It is something we need to look at though as it can certainly make us stand out in the championship. It will give teams no certain idea on what we will come on to the pitch like.