Thursday, 5 June 2014

Will you sign up for an AFCB season ticket?

I was reminded again that the price of season tickets and to be honest the general cost of football is something that some are now seriously beginning to question if they hadn't before. There was a good post by an  AFCB fan last week who has decided not to renew their season ticket but just to go to some home games and some away games next season. I totally understand such views and must admit that I don't know how many games I will be able to attend, although I always try and make as many as I can. The cost of travel and the day itself are no longer an unconsidered expense and when I look at club shops and the prices there it is clear that this football game really is a business today.
How many of the undecided will vote to support and
how many will decide to stay at home? 

Whether fans feel it is time to reconsider or just go with the flow and the increase is a personal decision for all of us. But if your heart is close to your club that is never a problem you really want to have. The difficulty for AFCB is that they have only just got a gate of 10,000 to the home games and if many season ticket holders from last season decide they will pick and choose their games the numbers may even decline. I had a word with the club about how many season ticket holders had renewed and while they did not have numbers to give out yet it may be a bit down on last year so far. Season ticket fans will want to see who arrives and who goes before they commit with the prices having gone up I suspect.

The attraction of Championship football remains high I am sure, but the support of fans should never be taken for granted. It is rumoured that other bids are in for some players, but I don't hear a rush of new signings yet and Lewis Grabban has just departed for Norwich City today. If there are some big names that come to the club will it entice you to sign up for  a renewal or will you be happy to sit in the South stand when a game you want to see comes along? 

The loyal fans who come year after year will be with the club no matter what through thick and thin. It is the new fans that have enjoyed last season, but are unsure what to do now that I wonder about. It was good to see a queue of fans who were not existing ticket holders earlier this week though outside the club shop ready to buy their season tickets. The club needs to fill the ground not just for financial reasons but to help the team as well. Last season was a new experience for many. Many fans came to as many games as they could, probably more than ever before and were entertained, but is one season enough for many of them? 

Football is a business where demand and supply will level out. The club may have taken a bit of a gamble in pushing its prices up, but if the team has another great season and gets off to a strong start I know where I would like to be sitting on a Saturday afternoon. 

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