Saturday, 28 June 2014

Expect AFCB to be sensible with Lallana windfall

It seems that Liverpool have been encouraged to go for the Lallana deal having had a difficult past week with the Suarez biting incident and are set to capture their second Southampton player this summer, clearing the way for a £6.25m pay out for the Cherries. While many devoted Dean Court  fans may see that money already headed for a large splash out for new additions to the Cherries squad I am more of a mind to expect that AFCB chairman Jeff Mostyn is likely to say thank you very much and bank most of what comes in with the Cherries overheads already at levels that would be hard to sustain but for the generosity of owner Maxim Demin. 

Yes, AFCB may well increase their offer for front man Callum Wilson of Coventry city and their bid may be accepted but look at the prudence of Eddie Howe's signings so far this summer - both free transfers. AFCB are not yet a club that can splash the cash at will and just because another club values a player higher than the Cherries are prepared to initially pay does not mean they will not look elsewhere if they think the price is too high. 

There is certainly a sudden movement in the market and it is being stimulated by the Liverpool's and Man Utd's who are spending and importantly spending on British players. That is not something that has been a trend for quite some time, but the value of academies is there for everyone to see. The clause in Lallana's Southampton contract for an AFCB payment is how clubs like ours can recoup funds and build, but it is not every day that such windfalls will offer themselves and the Cherries have to think carefully what to do with the money they receive down the line.

There are plans for a new permanent South End stand which could be built next summer and we already know that space at Dean Court is limited for much more future development. Living within your means is the slogan that few chairman fail to live by in the Championship but in Jeff Mostyn I believe we have a man who will, with other board members, do what is best for the club and its supporters. Let's see that the Lallana deal goes through  on Monday and then hear what Jeff has to say.

And just a last thought. What are Southampton going to do with all their new money will Ronald Koeman look to buy Dutch players or could he have his eye on some young Championship players, even AFCB ones? Just pulling your leg, Saint fans!

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