Sunday, 29 June 2014

Derby interest in Francis turned down twice

It is somewhat of a surprise that when talk comes of AFCB players that are potential targets for other clubs it is rare that Simon Francis' name comes up. I say a surprise because Simon has put in a couple of remarkable seasons that has seen him pick up awards and be highly recognised by the fans and the management. Yet, Derby County have seen the potential and have allegedly had two bids turned down for Francis by AFCB, according to SKYSports. It is good to see that Bournemouth are able to turn down such bids now.

Having hardly missed a game in those two seasons he is a reliable performer with tremendous pace and power. So you wonder what more he can add to his game?

Francis was AFCB captain on more than one occasion last season.
I was impressed last season with his crossing ability. He has always been a strong runner who will get to the byline but his crosses were usually two strong but he has been picking out players and Kermorgant has been the main beneficiary. I do think that having Ritchie in front of him most games has given him a bit more understanding of when to go and when he needs to be covered by Matt. That should be even better next season.

Having also had a year in the Championship there should be less surprises for Francis next season. His tackling is strong and his positional play is something which has improved, although there are some times when he gets caught out. I believe he is among the fittest players in the squad though and he certainly uses his strength when he has to.
The crossing and running power of
Francis is key to many of AFCB's breakaways.
While all the time he is likely to be pushed harder than ever before by Adam Smith for his place. If Francis could also add a few more strikes on goal that may also help his cause. The interest from Derby should also inspire him as he knows he is getting noticed at AFCB.

Update 30 June pm: Neill Blake, chief executive at AFCB, has confirmed that Derby County did make two bids for Francis and were turned down - story on Official AFCB website. It looks like the Derby Telegraph was incorrect on this matter as they stated that two bids were "wide of the mark".


  1. Apparently no bid has been made so how two have been turned down is a mystery. Derby did enquire as to his availability and were told he wasn't for sale.

  2. I have posted an update on the article in reply to this. AFCB state that two bids were certainly made by Derby County for Simon Francis.