Monday, 9 June 2014

Is Daniels set to have a bigger impact next season?

Charlie Daniels did not play as many games as he would have expected last season. This summer is going to be important for him to get into the kind of shape that sees him playing more games for the first team. In the last couple of seasons there has been a bit of a worry whenever Charlie has got injured and has been set for a spell outside the team but his long term foot injury seems to be on the mend and now it will be games that he needs to be in tip top form.

AFCB fans now know though that Ian Harte can do an excellent job at left back if Charlie does have problems again. That kind of strength in depth is something that Eddie Howe always wanted to bring to the club. Still it will be good to see both players battle for the place in the team and with each of them offering a little something different there will be occasions when they are both needed.

A settled back four though is what I  would like to see. That may mean a bit more luck being required on the injury front, but when the team is settled it can really challenge as we saw at the end of last season. The linkage that Marc Pugh and Charlie Daniels have is also a key asset to the Cherries game when they are both on form and the club will need to get right up the top of the table early next season if it is to push for a higher finish.
Can Daniels add more zip to Bournemouth's play next season?
I would not say that Charlie is the most vocal of players when he is on the pitch but he certainly gets the team playing on the front foot. I believe the best teams are attack minded and that way your are always giving the opposition a need to worry - attack is the best form of defence as they say. I can't see the Cherries holding back next season. The best games last season involved our wing back pushing up and overlapping and getting that early momentum in a game is something that Daniels is particularly good at doing. Remember the FA Cup tie against Liverpool when he sped up the left wing countless times in the first half. We could just do with Charlie putting in many more performances like that next season.

Right then. My World Cup fantasy league did not get off to a big start today as I typed the name of the league for you all incorrectly!! Great one Peter! Any way you need to complete your team first at the FIFA/McDonalds' site and then search for - Chimes fans - in the league search to join up with other AFCB fans hopefully so we have a mini league. Best of luck, see you there. 

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