Thursday, 5 June 2014

If Grabban leaves can Rantie step up next season?

I believe most AFCB fans want Tokelo Rantie to do well at Bournemouth. His opportunity may well loom large in August when the new season starts. If he is selected to partner Yann Kermorgant, he will be in prime position to be one of the team's leading goalscorers. He has not struck the kind of goal form that everyone hoped for in his first Championship season but can he show anything more in the next few months?
Rantie has to deliver next season.
How much of his game Eddie Howe and Jason Tindall need to work on will be key and how much time they are able to devote to him. If they can build his confidence though and get him used to being in the same situations in front of goal he just might start to believe that he can do a bigger job for the team come August. In the meantime he is still playing friendlies for South Africa and may not get as much time back with his family as he might like. But keeping Rantie happy and bubbling is vital for his attitude on the pitch. I just get the feeling that if he can get off to a good start he could become one of the most talked about strikers in the Championship for the right reasons. Let's face it, he was brought in to be a leading striker for the club and last season it was a bonus that Lewis Grabban did so well.

Now that Yann Kermorgant seems settled and playing as well as any Bournemouth player in the side it will be around him and new signing Dan Gosling that Eddie Howe will look for the team to improve and an in form Rantie may just lessen the potential blow of losing Grabban.

Yesterday, the gossip was all about Norwich City and Nottingham Forest joining Cardiff City and Middlesbrough in expressing some interest in Lewis but I still expect him to move to a Premiership club such as QPR. The focus for AFCB has to be on the players that remain if Grabban is likely to go and TK must be a high priority to get right for next season.

What can TK add to his game this summer?
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