Sunday, 8 June 2014

Ward endeared himself to the fans last season

Elliott Ward may not be the first AFCB player you think of when looking back on the club's return to the Championship. That is perhaps a little unfair because he more than most bought into the Eddie Howe dream and was free to pick and chose which Championship he wanted to go out on loan to. More than that he signed up for a few more years, because he knew he was able to be part of something special at Dean Court.
Ward had a strong season at AFCB.
Injuries slowed him down a little though.
At first I used to see Elliott as a player that maybe was a bit too relaxed when on the ball and not always looking like he was busting a gut to be first to the ball, but as I have watch and looked on with greater understanding I have seen that there is a lot to his game that almost goes unnoticed. He'll win more than his fair share of headers and his long stride is deceptively quicker then you might think. Above all though it's his reading of the game that gets him out of trouble and it's a quality that top players simply have. 

Elliott won't be back until mid-July.
Even more surprising was when Eddie Howe asked him in certain matches to press forward and try and make a nuisance of himself up front. He did fantastically well at Middlesbrough to fashion the equaliser and he always seems to have fun when can add to the attack. He shouldn't be able to beat a few players in the box, but he has it in his locker as they say. To see Elliott especially look to have time on the ball in the opposition's box is something that you can only applaud. Let's hope we see a bit more of it from time to time next season. From the Echo's report he is said to be out until mid July following the operation he has had on a knee that caused him problems after hitting an advertising hoarding against Leicester City at home.

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Meanwhile, the Cherries are said to have made a bid for Callum Wilson at Coventry city as a replacement for Lewis Grabban and Coventry are believed to have rejected the bid, according to the Vitals site. To learn more about Callum Wilson sign up for Cherry Chimes newsletter here.

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Finally, it was stormy stuff for England in Miami against Honduras and not just the weather - see World Cup Chimes for the reaction. All Departments has also released a podcast with former AFCB chairman Trevor Watkins - see All Departments

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