Thursday, 19 June 2014

Not everything is going Howe's way this summer

While Eddie Howe usually has a lot of optimism and encouragement to give others I sense a shade of worry to his voice this week and perhaps a feeling that he is getting supporters ready for some possible disappointments regarding players down the line. How far talks have already been progressing with some of the players is starting to surface. We know Darryl Flahavan has signed up for another year along with Ian Harte and many of the players are on long term contracts. But we also know that bigger clubs could be in for some of them at any time and it appears that the Cherries are bracing themselves for a series of possible bids from other teams for some of AFCB's best players.
A few headaches are mounting for Eddie. 

In previous seasons it would probably have been greeted with some enthusiasm for a cash stretched club but when you are trying to build the team it is frustrating and disappointing to see what you were building being slowly taken apart. I already sense that the loss of Grabban is being felt more than was first signalled by the club mainly because signings like Callum Wilson are proving far more difficult to land than might have been expected. If the club loses Steve Cook and Eunan O'Kane as well then we are into a rebuilding project.
With Wolves sniffing around Cook it is important
 the Cherries offer him a salary to keep him at the club if Howe believes
he is the best man for the team at centre back. 
While some may worry about those potentially favourable for a move away it is noticeable that no other signings have followed Dan Gosling yet as we move ever closer to July and the pre-season friendlies. Not everything is perhaps going the Cherries way off the pitch and turning the transfer window into a successful summer is going to need lots of hard work.    

The fixture list posted yesterday was another difficult hand played out to AFCB with just about the toughest August line up they could have imagined. "We are playing a number of fancied teams in the opening month with three long trips in there as well," said Eddie Howe. Some good news would be nice to hear soon. 

All quiet regarding Eunan at the moment, but let's not talk about him too much.
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  1. It certainly concerns me that we're struggling to sign the sort of quality I was hoping to see. Delighted with the signing of Gosling, yet I'm hoping we'll still sign a couple of quality forwards. The FFP rules are hitting us harder than I expected, I have to be honest, with Maxim owning 100% of the club, I'd of thought there would be ways and means of getting monies into the club for Eddie to progress us. So before we even thought we might lose any of our top players, Eddie has one hand tied behind his back, yet it appears losing some is a distinct possibility. I'm hugely disappointed that any would even want to go, yes, of course I understand the money angle, but they're hardly being paid a pittance at AFCB I'm sure, and we really are a club on the up. with a TOP manager, they won't find another Eddie Howe out there. I'm not worried, because I have every faith that Eddie will find excellent replacements, and making us some money into the bargain. What it does show, and that's the issue with the ground, it's a matter of urgency as I see it. They don't go up over night, and to give ourselves a chance, we obviously have to increase revenue. On all fronts, we'll have to sit tight and wait, but it's proving a more frustrating close season than we were all expecting, even Eddie I suspect!!! UTCIAD

  2. Hi AfcbPete,
    Very valid comments from you today as always. There has been little talk about the ground this summer but even if, as expected, we stay at Dean Court with a bigger South stand in 2015/16 you are right in that we will still be up against it in the Championship.

  3. But do we expand any part of the ground when we don't own it, that's the big question, and one only Maxim can answer, as it'll be his money, I can only see moving being the answer, but it'll be something else to wait and see about...

  4. I agree with this eddie is definitely building us up for another loss of class. all I've seen this week is how hard the transfer window is going to be and urging fans to be patient. I was starting to look forward to Bournemouth transfer windows now but this one will be a frustrating and long one. I still think we get judged on stadium size and money from revenue needs to be boosted due to the loss we've made but maxim seems to be playing it low key at the moment so surely things aren't too bad.