Sunday, 22 June 2014

Expect a big season from Ryan Fraser

Ryan Fraser started last season like a player who relished every second on the pitch. He soon managed to get a couple of goals and his speed was a big bonus for the Cherries on the wings. He is still only 20 and now will have a second season in the Championship but what might he do better?

I expect a big season from Ryan Fraser.
I would like to see him get his head up now and again rather than looking down at the ball when he is dribbling at pace and see if he can pick out players a little more often for his passes. He is always so busy and hurried in his running that he can overplay and try and run through people rather than pick a pass, but if he can keep his control of the ball even better and burst into the box on his own then we want to see an end product. His crossing abilities have been good and possibly Eddie Howe has had him on corner duties because he wanted him to find it second nature to put the ball in the best areas when crossing.

If I do see a weakness in his game it is in just trying to keep on his feet more. If you are fouled and go down there is no shame in that but his small frame does make it easy for opponents to knock him over and while he gets some free kicks there are many occasions when he and the team get nothing and he can't do much sat on the floor.

The good thing about Ryan is though that he plays with the right attitude and just gets up again. He does not seem to slow down over the course of the 90 minutes and on the break he has shown that he is one of our players who can finish himself or spot a through ball pass with accuracy. While he has competition for his place I can only see Ryan getting better with the more games he plays under Eddie Howe and I don't think it will be long before Ryan will be attracting attention from other teams if he continues to do so well in the Championship.

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