Tuesday, 5 August 2014

A different outlook for next season

The summer will pass by very quickly and we area already looking down at that fixture list and pondering over how the Cherries will fare against the other 23 teams lined up against them in the new Championship. Having had a season in this league I am not sure if some supporters feel shattered and have the stamina to go again looking at some of the opinions over the season tickets, but come 9th August the games will be very real and a steady flow of big clubs will start coming to Dean Court once again. You'll be up for it I am sure.
Not all the same players are around but
those who wear the shirt will give their all.
How AFCB should set about the season will not be quite the same as in 2013/14. Eddie Howe has a better understanding of what his squad of players are capable of and the need to reduce the amount of mistakes made. It all sounds easy but we have seen so many teams get it wrong and suddenly find themselves at the bottom of the table. Keeping the squad together is paramount and while the loss of one regular goal scoring starter is significant it is when three or four players are plucked away that I will get a bit jittery. This has not happen though and, with the names that have come in, I think fans can feel optimistic about the football months ahead.

I do expect the league to be harder than last season. Norwich and Cardiff are already flexing their bank accounts and, while the players that are moving are not so surprising, more foreign players are entering the Championship. How AFCB handle the big spenders and the outcome of those games will have a major factor on where the club ends up next May. Last time around it was only QPR and Reading that the Cherries managed to beat of the top six and it will be in Howe's mind to do better against those who start well.

We saw that Burnley were the surprise package of last season despite not spending big over the summer, so don't think that the Cherries have to spend lots to get into a good position. Keeping the heart of the team is more important.
It's always great fun to support the Cherries
as we all have the same dream.

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