Sunday, 3 August 2014

Third shirt tops Cherry Chimes' poll

I was very pleased to see the reveal of the AFCB Third shirt last month, so I thought I would add my two pennies worth to the chat about this seasons fashion offerings and to Gareth Davies' excellent post last weekend. Looking at the Chimes' poll results on the best strip (Away 22%, Home 33% and Third 44%) and also on AFCB's official website (where it is tighter 5% Away, 47% Home and 48% Third) it seems fans rather liked the Third blue strip. It was fitting that it had been left to last to be released and in my view it is the pick of the three shirts which could be a bit of a blow for those who were quick to spend out on another home shirt. I think fans will always like to have the home shirt but having a cupboard full of them it is good to see such a variation in the away and third shirts this coming season. Too often I feel that clubs see the change shirts as simply that and don't put much thought into their design, but I can't say that about AFCB and Carbini who have moved the shirts forward to look very different from last season.
A real fan pleaser - AFCB's new Third kit.
Whether you like the shirts or not it is far from easy to come up with some designs that everyone will like and all to easy to make something that everyone hates. Just looking at all three shirts though I find that there is a class about them that really speaks new era for AFCB. The gold crest sets off the shirts really well and with the team performing so well it is becoming a real feel good and proud thing for fans to wear AFCB clothing. 

There may not be a huge number of AFCB fans wearing the club colours in towns up and down the country but the fact that the club now plays in the Championship has given AFCB a wider window to football fans who had not looked at closely at the club before. Many such armchair supporters will see the Cherries now play some of their games on TV this next season and when they see how well they play and that they wear some great kits it should have a knock on effect.

If you buy one of the shirts as well you will be doing your bit to raise awareness, even if you do not realise it. The more AFCB shirts out there, the more people will ask what team is that? I am not surprised that the club is getting it right though. To be honest I think AFCB have been getting it right for the last five years and it has been in waiting to fulfil its destiny. Each little market like, the improved appearance of the ground, the training pitches, the crest, the players, the right manager, the attitude of the fans and yes the shirts are all designed to raise the profile of the club and help it set new targets in what it can achieve. As far as shirt sales are concerned, I already think we all know that they are headed for the top - we just don't know how soon. 

Just a little something extra for you - as we prepare for the new season it is time to add the Facebook gallery page of Cherry Chimes with the final home matches that we captured in the 2013/14 season - AFCB 2 v 1 QPR and AFCB 4 v 1 Forest. Download the phone app from the panel on the right of the blog to gain access or type in Cherry Chimes on Facebook to view the pictures.

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