Sunday, 17 August 2014

Can Arter keep his cool better?

Harry had another of those games on Saturday against Brentford when you watched and had your head in your hands, hoping that he wouldn't cross the line one time too many and end up getting a yellow or red card. His passion to win is sometimes a bit to evident for us all to see and Eddie Howe is wise enough to always be looking out for signs when Harry needs to be protected perhaps from himself. A 'Harry hot head' is not helpful for the team though and it was no surprise that Eddie Howe took him out of the situation against Brentford when cool heads were what were required in the closing minutes of the game.
Harry has to keep his discipline to help AFCB.
I still would prefer a player like Harry battling away for most of the game and having to watch him carefully than see a player that was not doing as much as him to win the ball in the heart of midfield. You can never accuse Harry of not giving his all and most fans know that. If you took away some of the aggression and annoyance he clearly feels when he does not get decisions you would probably lose 10 per cent of his game, and that would make him far less effective in the middle of the park. The good thing is that Harry whether by luck or merit, he did not pick up a card this time and it's another game in the Championship that will add to his experience.

I know Eddie Howe will have had plenty of talks with Harry over his need to sometimes walk away when a referee gives a decision against him or a team member that he feels is wrong or unjustified, but in the heat of the moment it is easy to get caught up and to lose your discipline. As AFCB have made a good start to the season the players will probably find they have even more to lose now as they seek to protect that position that they have worked hard to achieve. That extra pressure will be new to most of them at this level as they are trying to achieve things that could take the club and themselves to the very highest English league, but the rewards are so high that I can see why they will fight hard for every decision.
I want to see Harry on the pitch more this season and off it less.
We need a cool Harry though at times when he the team is winning and just needs to defend sensibly. I would like to see Tommy Elphick step up to Harry now and again just to warn him when he is getting a bit over heated and pull him away from the situation. Harry will only get better at controlling his temperament  though by experience and if he picks up a bit more knowledge by being taken off now and again, just to make him think about why he is suddenly on the bench I don't think that is a bad thing. It's more good man management from Eddie.

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