Saturday, 16 August 2014

Building on the win

Huddersfield will be a tough act to follow. I am pleased that the Capital One game fitted nicely in between the league fixtures in the first week as it should have relieve the pressure a little bit for the second league game which of course will be enormous. Most of the home crowd will not have experienced that Yorkshire fun day at Huddersfield and they will be expectant of something similar against a newly promoted Brentford who managed a good draw with Charlton last weekend.
AFCB start their run out at Huddersfield.
It will be a different day and a different team to play and it is unlikely that Marc Pugh will pop up again to give the Cherries the lead in under 26 seconds. That's the beauty of the Championship. Every game is different and one instance can change the outcome of a match.

That won't cause Eddie Howe to be any less thorough in his match preparations. He said after the Huddersfield match that "we have set down a marker in terms of a performance and I have to keep a lid on things because Huddersfield tonked us by five here last year and yet we finished above them in the table, so that's a little reminder that it's just one game."

Keeping their feet on the floor with this bunch of players is not such a big problem though as with Eddie and Tommy Elphick giving inspirational talks there will be no slack or lack in effort to see if the Cherries can build a run of wins to try and not only stay in the top few positions but to try and get a lead if possible. That's not being arrogant or wishful thinking it's what the Cherries have to learn to do if they are going to try and emulate the targets set by teams like Burnley last season. One win is always three points and if the Cherries suffer defeat to Brentford there will be those who say told you so. But there will be weeks when the team does not pick up any points and while the players are doing well it's just nice to be able to celebrate that with them.

So expectations are calm for the moment but I am not sure if AFCB go two or three up against Brentford on Saturday that the expectations wont continue to build. What is the betting on a Simon Francis man of the match performance now that he has been given a new contract? The only injury worries for the Cherries are Steve Cook who took a knock in training and a fitness test for Lee Camp as he is still short of games. I can see Elliott Ward or Baily Cargill starting next to Tommy Elphick and if Lee Camp needs a bit more time Darryl Flahavan could make a home start.

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