Sunday, 3 August 2014

How much of a blow will it be if Camp does not play?

I have not heard any great detail on exactly what Lee Camp's injury is apart from it was a bit more serious than first thought and that he has not been rushed back into action. I am hoping that AFCB don't have the same bad luck as last season with keepers, but if you think about it they always say you have to be a little nuts to be a keeper. Even today's lighter balls can break fingers and sprain wrists quite easily and no matter how much padding keepers may have it is not difficult to pick up injuries with the intensity of play that goes on in training and pre-season friendlies.
Lee Camp could be set the play at Huddersfield
having missed all the pre-season matches.
So what if Lee Camp becomes unavailable for the first few games of the season? It does not look like Darryl Flahavan is any better shape as we have not seen him in the warm up games either. Benjamin Buchel will do a capable job I am sure, but if he did get injured during a game it might be interesting to see who Eddie would have put on the bench to cover the keeper position - Jordan Holmes? Surely Lee Camp will recover in time for the Huddersfield game, but if there are any worries I imagine a clause was put into Ryan Allsop's loan move to be recalled if really necessary.

The form of the keeper has been a big part of the success of AFCB's climb up the divisions. I thought Shwan Jalal played some amazing games in the lower leagues and was set for big things before his back problems really set him back. David James added massive confidence to the back line while he was at the club. Ryan Allsop was unbeatable for times during the 2012-13 season and yet the Championship was a different test for him that he will no doubt conquer in time. Darryl Flahavan has not let the team down either when he has been between the posts.

It is only now that the thought of not having Lee Camp available that starts you thinking did he become indispensable last season? While Lee has been good and will be missed the team has to learn to be without players at various parts of the season and that includes keepers. It is not an ideal situation but I prefer to see it as a fabulous chance for some one else to may be come in and step up. I think Lee will do everything he can to be at Huddersfield and so we'll just have to see if he is 100 per cent fit to put the gloves on next weekend.  

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