Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Bank on Lee Camp to keep 'em out

All pre-season AFCB have been struggling with keepers. There was usually one on the pitch - Benjamin Buchel - but there was never usually any back up. Then come the first game of the season the Cherries have three keepers limbering up and all is fine with the world. What's been going on?

"It was a race against time with Campy," said Jason Tindall. "But he's trained the last four days and has looked sharp, so luckily for the team he's available for selection and he plays today."
Lee Camp made a great start to his season at Huddersfield.
I don't feel that it was such a gamble to play Lee last weekend as he has such a lot of experience and a sensible head on his shoulders that would say if he was not 100 per cent. So when the first shot was fired in against him he would be more than ready. In the warm up at Huddersfield  I had a bit of a watch of Lee to see how he was doing and sure enough when I saw Neil Moss crack a shot past him into the top corner, Lee's reaction was all I needed to see to know he was going to be okay against Huddersfield. He turned sharply to see the ball he had left had nestled in the back of the net and being angry with himself for getting beat he raised his right foot and kicked the post in frustration. That's Lee - he's back I thought.

The one occasion when things did not look so good for him was when Oliver Norwood thumped a shot against Lee's cross bar but it stayed out and it is no less that Lee and the team deserved as they strangled the Terriers for most of the game. I also thought Lee made some good second half saved from headers and believe he will be looking to retain his number one shirt now for as many matches as he can now.

His exertions on Saturday earned him a rest on Tuesday night when Darryl Flahavan played his first game of the season. Benji Buchel can probably count himself a bit unlucky if that happens but going to places like Huddersfield and soaking up the atmosphere is not such a bad job and he will at some point have to star in a competitive first team AFCB game.

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