Thursday, 14 August 2014

Will you leave home for telly at Dean Court?

I had a moan earlier this year about the number of games that had turned into mid-week fixtures. It does make it a problem especially for away games when you sit at one end of the country and most matches in the Championship are at least a 100 or more likely 200-300 miles away. As an exile I have a head start being half way up the country, but that means the new initiative for home fans to watch an away game at Dean Court on a televised screen won't really effect myself and other exiles. But lots of AFCB fans in Bournemouth will be able to make the decision whether to listen to the radio or make the trip down the road to the Goldsands Stadium to see the Cherries play at Derby on 30th September 2014.
Do you want to make the trip to the club to see
an away game with some fellow fans?
For those that are have the dilemma of whether to buy tickets for the game or not having already booked the day off it is probably a hard one to call. Most fans will prefer to be at the ground in person but the value of the ticket perhaps becomes less when you have travelled all that way and know that there are some fans who are watching it at the home ground with a beer in their hand and will be able to get home long before you. In fact, they will probably have a drink after the game as well whereas you'll be rushing back onto the coach for a long kip and a late arrival back on the south coast. 

The initiative which is being promoted by the football league especially for mid-week games which involve long distances is being tried out at other clubs as pointed out by the AFCB official website, and I am keen to know what fans think about the idea. I believe it is pointing the way towards club TV just like has already taken place with Man Utd, Liverpool and Chelsea etc. At the end of the day football is a product and the clubs must have a say in the best way they can market their product. I am slightly wary though of seeing empty stadiums with no atmosphere and ever higher ticket prices to try and balance the equation. I must admit as long as I have the money and can get the time to travel to a game that would be my preference, and somehow offering other options to fans just might do the clubs more harm than good in the long run.


  1. Un-related to this particular blog, but just want to say how much i appreciate your contributions. Cherry Chimes is a refreshing view from a true fan with no agenda other than to inform or ask relevant questions about our wonderful club. keep up the good work. UTHIAD!!!!

  2. Thank you. I have my rough days as many readers will tell you, but I love AFCB and I just aim to get more people interested in the club. I hope you keep coming back.

  3. Hi, i was brought here via other discussions about away broadcastings. I feel the away day is the biggest validation of a fan, although finances dictates otherwise for alot of fans. Being a Premership fan (sorry) i do understand and respect that we can't all afford to go away. just let us not forget our roots..even you cherries fans.. i can see you guys in the top league sooner than the likes of SKY expect. AVFC