Monday, 18 August 2014

Surman rumours quashed

There were rumours over the weekend that Andrew Surman might be preparing to come to the south coast again after he was missing from Norwich City's squad to play Watford, and manager Neil Adams would not answer media questions about the player. Such speculation was cleared up today when Neil Adam dismissed claims that Surman was about to leave Norwich City. 
Andrew Surman is more likely to line up against the Cherries
than for them at the end of the month when Norwich
play AFC Bournemouth at Carrow Road.
Eddie Howe has spoken publicly about Surman's talent to play in the Bournemouth style and do many of the things that go unnoticed but were critical in the team's success last season. Surman, 29, is the kind of player who initiates moves, wins the ball back and makes a final pass and yet rarely gets praise for his contributions, but Eddie Howe recognises his abilities and it would not have been a big surprise if Bournemouth had enquired into the player's availability. But Surman still has a year on his Norwich contract and it appears that he is staying put. Surman did not manage to score on his year-long loan with the Cherries last year, although he did score six goals for the club when on loan from Southampton in 2005-6.

Bournemouth want to keep the fluid passing movement that their game has developed into with players that are not afraid to be brave with the ball, and while Surman fits into this category Dan Gosling is surely a more powerful player who can play that role. 

Finally, look out for the answers I gave to the Nottingham Forest fan website called Seat Pitch which asked me about the Cherries ahead of tomorrow's evening game.

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