Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Norwich game comes at a price

I was noticing some of the comments on the social media devices that were posted once the Norwich City game ticket prices were announced on AFCB's website. Adult prices were set at £30 and I doubt whether there will be a more expensive day out for AFCB fans this season. We will have to see what they will charge at the Cottage and at Cardiff City, but all these clubs have some Premier League players still at their clubs and they are going to charge you to see them as the wages are going to be a problem even with the parachute payments I expect.
Hopefully Grabbs will not see too much of the ball when
 he meets up with his former team mates at Carrow Road.
This is particularly clear at Norwich where they have been buying a lot of new players ahead of the new season including our own Lewis Grabban, while Andrew Surman is also back at the East Anglian club. As fans though who want to see as many games as we can there will be many who have circled this particular game as a must see as two of our former players are now at the Canaries and they are probably seen as one of the favourites to get promoted. Norwich will have a pretty full home crowd you would think for most of their games and it may not matter to them much how many away fans they attract as a smaller number gives them an even bigger advantage on the pitch in terms of vocal support. But we have seen even a small away crowd can have a good day out in the Championship.
Andrew Surman will also be trying his best to slow
the Cherries down. It's going to be one of AFCB's toughest
games this season.
Whether our fans will be keen to make the trip is yet to be seen. I am actually away at the end of August and this will be one of those games that I can't go to even though I would have liked to have gone. But with two over 12s as well a price of £60 would probably have put me off any way. The away trip to Blackburn Rovers seems better value to many.  I think Championship clubs just like the Premier League do have to be mindful of what fans will willingly pay and while overall numbers for football viewing were said to be up last season when it is a particularly hard financial year we all have to make financial choices. Budgeting your games to watch in the Championship is becoming a bit of a preoccupation and I hope that the Cherries are also mindful of the price that they have asked for this season and what will be a fair price next season when it seems likely that a new stand will be built and the club tries to attract some more supporters. It is a balancing act and perhaps Norwich have priced themselves out for a few supporters this time around.  

The point about increasing prices in the Premier League and Football Leagues was protested on Thursday 16th August with a march in London organised by The Football Supporters Federation, and perhaps we are getting closer to the point when fans simply have to make a choice most weekend whether they stay at home or can afford to support their team.


  1. Last season it was more expensive to watch a norwich game (ticket, pie, programme) cost more than watching man city! - Darren (Norwich City fan)

  2. If the ground sells out with 25,000+ week in, week out whether it be in League One or the Premier League, why is it in the interest of the club (a commercial enterprise) to reduce prices? It basic supply and demand.

    Having spent most of last season paying £45+ for away games £30 actually seems decent value, and with 21,000 season ticket holders any away seats not sold will be gladly snapped up by Norwich fans.

  3. Norwich sold something like 22,000 season tickets so getting a ticket for a home game is difficult, most home games are sold out so the price is not preventing a good crowd.

  4. I had to make the choice, of over £600 per season at Norwich, I could not warrant spending that amount on me, when I have children as well. so I gave up going, ending many years It is almost impossible to get a ticket now for home games a lot of luck is needed

  5. Also bear in mind season tickets get purchased as a priority. They average not much cheaper and this had always been the case. I love in Stockport and they charge 18 quid for non league!