Monday, 11 August 2014

Eddie is focused on performance

Eddie is as clear and concise as ever in his post-match interviews with Kris Temple at BBC Radio Solent. I love the way that Kris humbly asks his questions and waits to see how Eddie bats them off with consummate skill and often a bit of wit and a glint in his eye. This week, after the Huddersfield game, came the question: "How much is this a marker today to the other teams in the Championship?" To which the reply from Eddie was, "I'm not bothered about the other teams in the Championship. We're pleased to have won by the scoreline we have. We are pleased to have won by the manner we have. What other people think of us, I just don't care."

Totally focused on the job at hand, Eddie speaks his mind and leaves you in no doubt of where he stands and where the team is in its performance. It's refreshing and no less than fans want to hear from a manager. Such words though are not just put to work on media journalists trying to get a piece of Eddie's thoughts, but it is also shared with the players and his staff who must find Eddie Howe a fantastic professional to work with. I can imagine what Mr Temple and others have going through their mind when they need to ask an awkward question or two, but Eddie has that sparkle about him that is infectious, even when he is quick to turn a question back at you.
Eddie Howe enjoys the first day win at Huddersfield.
I do wonder where he gets his inspiration from because he seems to be able to dip into the bucket and constantly come out with a refreshing attitude and great motivation. It is often said "In Eddie We Trust" and I can't think of a better slogan for the club at this present time, because he certainly leads and we follow.

The Championship is long and there will be many games that don't go AFCB's way while there will be plenty that hopefully will. Not getting carried away is simple for Eddie, because he has an awful lot to think about and every day brings up new challenges for him, as it does for every Championship manager. He'll no doubt be checking on any possible player injuries this week and working out the balance of the team for the next game for the first team in the Capital Cup as well as the Brentford game. But he'll also be aware that there is another three weeks in the transfer market and that the game never stands still. I am sure he believes he has the players that can deliver for this club now, but the Championship is a long race and he needs a sustained effort from his players to get AFCB into the best position possible to meet his high demands.  

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