Saturday, 9 August 2014

Elphick will lead AFCB to greater success

Tommy Elphick will be the man to lead the Cherries into the 2014/15 season and he will be looking to spur the team on to glory this time. Finishing 10th was an amazing effort last season, but it is not where Tommy or the club want the story to end. The team is probably fitter and more prepared to fight for a top six position than at any time in the club's history from what we have been hearing. Why stop there at the top six when you might be able to claim a title - that has to be the ambition of all 24 captains in the Championship and Tommy Elphick just could be the one to succeed.
Tommy will be looking to get that first win under his belt today.
Ephick has all the qualities you could want in a captain. He is determined, courageous and committed to the cause and when you see him running out in front of the Family stand and applauding the support you know that he is ready to play his part in another big game. Elphick is of an age now when he should be looking to see how far he can take his game forward. If he can help push this team to start having a string impact on the top places in the Championship he will gain many more admirers.

The calibre of payers at AFCB now are building towards a Championship outfit that believes it can challenge, but leadership on the field is required to get players through the difficult times that will no doubt come. Elphick has shown his mischievous side in his tour diary covered in the Bournemouth Echo and a bit of humour is something that will keep spirits up as the season progresses. While most of the squad will know that the prospects are good this season for AFCB, the team needs the new signings to also fire straight away and Tommy will be looking to click and add more quality to performances. If he can help galvanise the players and get some early clean sheets, we might just find that Tommy will get even stronger and the team could go on to reach heights that we so desperately want them to achieve.

If you are travelling up like me to the game today have a safe journey. It all starts here at Huddersfield Town. UTCIAD! "We're on our way!"

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