Wednesday, 19 November 2014

AFCB's incredible runs are unmatched

I don't know how Eddie Howe gets his teams to go on winning runs but he likes to make a habit of it. The recent winning sequence may have ended in a draw at Boro, but it's typical of this team that they will expect to get straight back to winning ways in the next home match. It is startling that none of the other Championship teams have come anywhere near winning six matches in a row like the Cherries. If there had been one such team that had been in the top half early season then they would have been well clear by now.
The mood in the camp has got to be good to keep good runs going.
That makes me think that come mid-January the Cherries could be that team that are out in front. Derby hold the lead for the moment and there is no question that they are a talented team. But last season they were a long way ahead of the Cherries and that is simply not the case this time around. The teams that AFCB have played on their last winning sequence were not all at the top of the league, but Charlton and Sheffield Wednesday are not far off the pace. If you look at the top six only Derby have beaten the Cherries, and so there is every likelihood that AFCB could do more damage to other chasing teams with another winning run hopefully starting again from late November. There will be harder matches to come and you would expect the team to fall short now and again, but Eddie Howe seems to find away of getting his teams to do the exceptional and not get beaten when the odds are even against them, such as the Bolton away match.

Of course, the unbeaten run still goes on and has been extended to seven games now. To reach double figures the Cherries will have to negotiate Ipswich, Millwall and Wolves. A tough ask, but "why not?" is the attitude these days.

I would be more than happy with six points from the next nine, but even that will be very difficult. Still, if you had a tick chart for breaking records this season, AFCB would already be on the second page. The clean sheet of paper is never written until you have played the games and I suspect that Eddie Howe fancies putting a few more ticks on that win list of his.

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