Thursday, 20 November 2014

Can Eddie get even more out of this team?

It has been an incredible last few weeks as an AFCB fan. You can't praise the players and the coaching staff enough for what they have already delivered this season and the good thing is that the season is still 17 games young and there is a lot more to play for.

It is beginning to dawn on fans that AFCB are in uncharted water. None of the teams that the club has had in the past have ever really knocked on the door of the top of the table position at this level. AFCB are playing the best football I have seen as a fan in some 35 years and the question now is can they improve still further? Just as ever, Eddie Howe seems to love the opportunity to develop players and while as outsiders we wonder how he can keep coming up with new ideas and extra patterns of play to add to the Cherries' game, he has already been getting more out of players. If there is another step up to come from what we have seen so far I am sure it will come.

Eddie is still looking to get more out of this team. 
For many of the players though it must be quite something to have grown with AFCB over the past few years. You can only beat the teams in the league that you are playing against in any one season apart from the cup games. I remember we used to sing "we are Premier League" even when AFCB were in League Two. The football now though is breathtakingly good and it is harder for AFCB to create headlines if they do beat major teams because it is not such a shock anymore.

If AFCB do manage to put away a Liverpool side in a few weeks time I believe it will be another injection of confidence that will kick on the Cherries' season once more. That game will be on the players' minds just like it is on the fans' minds during the international break, even if everyone tries to put it to the back of their minds. But such opportunities is what the players and the fans desperately want now. This squad needs to find out if it is good enough to take on the big occasion and come out on top. West Brom was a stepping stone but get ready because a bigger leap forward could be just around the corner!   

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