Saturday, 8 November 2014

Boro and Cherries play out a goalless draw

Match Description

Middlesbrough 0 v 0 AFCB
8 November 2014
Attendance: 22,930 (including 397 AFCB fans)

AFCB had a few chances as did Middlesbrough in this match but the two defences were on top and managed to keep clean sheets. A point away at Middlesbrough is still an excellent result for the Cherries who keep their unbeaten run going longer even if the winning run comes to an end. The Cherries now have a two week international break and sit second in the Championship.

There was one change to AFCB's starting 11 with Yann Kermorgant coming in to replace Brett Pitman. That was the first start for Yann since his red card at Bolton. Middlesbrough brought in Bamford and Reach to their starting line up. AFCB lines up in their two-tone blue kit and Boruc in yellow.

Match commentary follows:
Listening to BBC Radio Solent with Kris Temple and Willo
The battle for top spot is underway. Kermorgant looks for Wilson but Ayala gets there first. Boro have the ball. Bamford is fouled by Cook 35 yards out. Leadbitter to take. It goes to the back post, Clayton has a shot but it's charged down. Friends' cross is cleared. Clayton has it but it's cleared by AFCB.

The Cherries weather the first Boro storm. Pugh loses the ball on the left Daniels, Arter and Surman now. Kermorgant tries to get Wilson in but it's too strong. Pugh heads the ball on but Ayala is fouled on 4 minutes. Arter out to Ritchie, Pugh on the left and Ayala and Clayton has the ball.

Leadbitter for Wildschut on the right wing, but Daniels gets a tackle in. Goal kick to the Cherries. Wilson down the left and Konstantopoulos ushers the ball out of play. Pugh and Daniels, Clayton has the ball but pulls back Daniels and gives AFCB a free kick. Tomlin breaks and finds Leadbitter, Gibson now. 

The ball is back with Boruc. Tomlin again to Friend and Tomlin who gives it away. Tomlin hits a tame shot and Boruc saves just when it was opening up for Tomlin. Francis gives the ball away and Elphick blocks another Tomlin shot, 10 minutes gone.

Reach on the left plays it to Clayton but Bamdford is offside. Ritchie to Surman and Francis. Ball given away by Kermorgant. Arter retrieves the ball and wins a free kick. "Kermorgant needs to liven up," says Willo.
Wilson in space, past two in the area, Pugh to Ritchie and a good save from Konstantopoulos.

14 minutes gone. Wildschut and Reach to Clayton and Fredericks against Pugh. Clayton to Reach and it comes off the cross bar!! Kermorgant is fouled and AFCB get away with it. A terrific effort from Reach, Boruc was no where near it.

Arter wins a free kick off Tomlin. Francis is not having the best of times as he puts the ball out. Tomlin is given too much space to run and Francis gets a challenge in while the ball just goes wide of the post. Corner to the Boro and Ayala heads to Reach. Friend back to Reach and his cross is cleared by Ritchie.

Wilson and Wildschut tussle and Boro win the ball. Ayala gives the ball to Surman who finds Wilson. Friend wins the ball and Boro win a free kick after a foul from Surman. Boro now with Leadbitter to Reach and Bamford to Tomlin. Clayton tries a shot but it's too high. Wildschut and Clayton to Friends and Leadbitter. Elphick tries to clear and Reach has a shot blocked. Just over 20 minutes gone.

Cook to Kermorgant who loses the ball again! Elphick wins a free kick. Boruc kicks it straight out, 70 yards! AFCB certainly under the cosh for the first 25 minutes. Fredericks runs into Elphick. Ayala and Bamford now. Elphick gives away a free kick. Leadbitter to take, just two yards outside of the box on the left. Kermorgant volley's it away at the near post.

AFCB with Pugh to Daniels and Arter crosses. Surman now finds Daniels and then Pugh. Daniels cross to Ritchie and a great shot but Konstantopoulos makes a fabulous save! Daniels crosses and nearly an own goal as Bamford loops it over the bar! Ritchie had a great effort and just "the technique to keep the ball down was great," says Temple.

Arter delivers and Fredericks clears. Francis finds Ritchie and the ball in is cleared. Bamford wins the ball for Boro. Tomlin's ball in is collected by Boruc. Francis runs into Reach and gets a yellow card. Friend and Reach crosses. Daniels clears. Fredericks in field to Reach and Wildschut is forced back by Pugh. Some 31 minutes gone and AFCB more in the game now.

Francis has three yellows this season now. Pugh skips round Wildschut and gets a cross in. Surman to Francis and back to Daniels. Wildschut to Bamford but Boruc is out. "The two teams are very similar," says Willo."The two wingers, ones gritty the others pretty!" what are you on Willo?

Fredericks' cross is too high. Daniels now to Kermorgant who is fouled and Clayton is given a yellow card on 35 minutes. The Cherries are taking the sting out of things a bit. Wilson and Kermorgant links up, Wilson running at Gibson gets a corner. Daniels takes and its lofted back but Tomlin breaks and Wildschut is beaten by Francis. Kermorgant is fouled in the face by Gibson.

Boro now have a free kick for a foul on Fredericks. Ayala's ball over the top almost got Reach in. Pugh crosses to Wilson and he is adjudged to have fouled Gibson. Gibson was actually holding Wilson back! Just four minutes to the break. Ritchie to Surman and Wilson wins a corner. Arter puts in a volley, not far away with his left foot. Just over the top and dipping.

Wilson is held back again by Gibson who is booked. Francis deep to Pugh and a step over and Konstantopoulos catches the ball. Elphick manages to stay out of the ref's book. Wilson and Gibson puts the ball out. Cook takes the long throw. Boro clear and it's half time 0-0. Half team stats were fairly equal - six shots each, two on target for AFCB and one for Boro and four corners to one in favour of AFCB while possession was 52% to 48% to Boro

Second half
Wildschut is replaced by Kike. Kike has a shot blocked by Cook. Fredericks passes Pugh and its too high for Kike and Elphick heads clear. Pugh up to half way and Ricthie can't control the pass.

Daniels wins a free kick. Ritchie takes it out of play. Surman now and Cook and his ball forward does not reach Kermorgant. Surman to Ritchie and he loses the ball. Elphick puts the ball out. Clayton shoots but its blocked. Ayala gets Wilson on the break. Arter and Francis is held up. Surman and Elphick to Francis and Cook to Daniels and Pugh loses the ball.

Gibson clears with a head. Pugh and Daniels into Surman and strikes Wilson - a Ritchie shot, but Wilson lifted it over the bar! AFCB have a man down, it's Arter on 54 minutes. Pugh on the left to Wilson but Tomlin wins it and hits it too strongly for Kike. Tomlin tries a back heel and Ritchie brings the ball away.

Fraser is warming up and Adam Smith and Gosling. Yann closing down Boro players. Kermorgant to Wilson and Gibson has the ball. Wilson to Pugh through the middle but Fredericks covers. Ephick gives away a free kick on Kike. Leadbitter shoots but five yards wide!

An hour gone. Kermorgant is fouled by Clayton who has already been booked. The referee Hooper is letting him off. Lucky boy. Daniels to the back post. Wilson keeps it in but Reach clears. Pugh crosses to Wilson who gets a glancing header but not enough on it.

Cook heads the ball away. Ayala forward to Bamford. Reach is chased by Francis. Bamford and Francis clears. Surman to Pugh and Kermorgant on the left. Pugh to Daniels who drives it across just in front of Wilson! "The best move of the match by far, says Willo. 

Just 25 minutes to go. No AFCB subs yet. Elphick wins a free kick. Bamford is subbed for Adomah Boro have it with Tomlin and Clayton. Surman and Arter clear. Pitman is getting ready to come on and Fraser. Some 16 minutes to play. Kermorgant to Daniels and Pugh 30 yards out but shoots straight at the keeper!

Adoah's cross is blocked by Cook , then Elphick clears. Reach's effort is wide. Fraser and Pitman come on and Yann and Ritchie are taken off. Fraser gets his first touch. Tomlin runs head first into Pitman. Daniels to Pugh, but Boro have the ball back. Arter kicks the ball away and is booked after a foul."A silly booking," says Temple. Boruc came and did well with a fist away and the flag for offside went up.

Just 12.5 minutes left. Fraser setting up Pugh but too high. Fraser finds Wilson but is engulfed by Boro players and a free kick goes against him. Vosson comes on for Tomlin. Boruc races out quickly to fall on the ball. There is a fan on the pitch! Clayton has ushered him to the stewards.

Cook loses control of the ball Adomah crosses and Boruc grabs it. there was a foul on Elphick. Vosson's cross is cleared by Cook. Daniels find Pugh. Vosson handballs it. Free kick for AFCB. Pugh to Surman 30 yards out. Fraser to Francis and the cross does not find Pitman. Fraser gets the ball but cant keep his feet.

Cook stops Reach on the break. Arter clears to Wilson but Boro win the ball. Just four minutes left. Leadbitter to Ayala and Adomah is offside. Surman builds to Arter. Elphick puts the ball out.

Fraser gives away a foul for a high foot. Leadbitter from the left and Pitman away. Reach has a go from 20 yards but it was wide! 90 minutes are up.

Francis over the top to Wilson. Ayala brings it away. Arter has it to Pugh but Wilson loses the ball. Cook finds Arter and it's back with Boruc. Fraser gets a yellow card for a foul on Friend. two minutes of added time. AFCB come forward with Arter and Elphick. Wilson is on but Ayala heads it clear. Cook lets the ball bounce and Daniels gets the throw off Vossen. AFCB have a free kick. Elphick wins the header but it's cleared.

The final whistle goes 0-0.

Boruc, Francis, Cook, Elphick, Daniels, Pugh, Arter, Surman, Ritchie (Fraser 74), Wilson, Kermorgant (Pitman 74)

Camp, Harte, Rantie, Gosling, Smith, Harte, Fraser

Konstantopoulos, Fredericks, Ayala, Gibson, Friend, Leadbitter, Clayton, Wildschut (kIke 46), Tomlin (Vossen 79), Reach, Bamford (Adomah 67)

Boro Subs
Kike (Garcia Martinez), Whitehead, Vossen, Nsue Lopez, Adomah, Veljkovic, Mejias Osorio

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