Thursday, 6 November 2014

League leader's doesn't that feel good?

Well it has taken 14 games for AFCB to get back to the top of the table but they are back there now and intend to make it a permanent position all of their own. That will be particularly difficult when the next game is against another high-flying team in the shape of Middlesbrough, away from home.
AFCB players have a big test ahead of them on Saturday.
The game changes now though as AFCB are the chased and how that suits our players we are yet to see, especially when going away to a team that has a strong home record. But the Cherries seem to enjoy taking on challenges and breaking records and we know that when Eddie Howe's sides get on winning runs they can be very difficult to stop. There are similar feelings to the run two season's ago, because AFCB are playing with such confidence again, but this is a much more difficult division and the standard of the Cherries play is higher than any of us has witnessed before. Until the team went on this run they had only achieved four wins in a row in the Championship as their best run, and there were times at the start of this season when we could not see them getting back to back wins easily after they lost the third match against Nottingham Forest.

Now, even if they do come off this amazing run the players know that they are capable of winning many matches in the Championship. It's now a fact that they can do it and it is no longer a dream or a wish, but actually a level that they know they can reach for more than a few games and that knowledge could well propel then onwards to a fabulous season.

Congratulations to Callum Wilson, Ryan Fraser and Baily Cargill who have all won international call ups!

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