Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Middlesbrough match showed Cherries tougher side

Looking back on the Middlesbrough match now you can see that the Cherries showed a resilience to their game which they will need against the best teams in the Championship. Boro laid siege to Bournemouth's goal for passages of the match, but the Cherries held firm and came back at Boro to make it a fitting battle for a match between two highly ranked teams in the division. AFCB are winning respect on the field and many can see that it is all the more remarkable that our players are able to achieve what they can when we don't have an enormous fan base. 
AFCB will have staying power if they
can keep impressing against the other top sides.
The type of game that AFCB had against Middlesbrough is the perfect kind of game for them to think about before the Ipswich game as it will be another tough struggle. I expect Ipswich to come and try and boss the match as Boro tried to do against the Cherries. It takes a lot though to upset or rattle the Cherries now as they have a way of getting past teams that are intent on using their muscle. The quick thinking of AFCB's players is turning defence into attack at lightening speed.

A pleasing aspect about the Boro game was also that the Cherries did not fall short at the set pieces that they had to defend against. Limiting those kind of opportunities will be important against Ipswich and we certainly saw Artur Boruc coming for crosses and punching when he had to up at the Riverside. By the way, Artur should be in the squad for Poland to play Switzerland tonight.

It's the tougher, grittier side to the game that I have felt other teams in the division have had and that the Cherries are not really known for. Bournemouth can play with the commitment that stands up against the powerful play of the top sides in the Championship and Middlesbrough found that out. Away from home the Cherries do fight especially hard with the odds stacked against them, but if they can also show that same resolve at home they will charge through teams that come to block.

Well done to Callum Wilson last who made his England U21 debut against France. It was good to see him come on after 65 minutes even though France won out 3-2 winners on the night.

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