Saturday, 29 November 2014

Nothing to choose between most Championship teams

While Derby have increased their lead slightly at the top of the Championship, last weekend's results only go to prove that there is not much between the top sides this season. With six draws in the last set of matches I was pleased I stayed away from putting any wins on the betting slip, but one point in matches does not do much for you in the Championship. It can't be coincidence that of the top eight there are seven clubs in that AFCB have not managed to beat yet this season, but the Cherries have only lost to three of them and the consistency of taking regular points can take you a long way.
Keep stacking up the points AFCB, let's see where it takes us.
Arguably AFCB should have beaten a few of those teams looking back at the games, but several of those teams will have had similar experiences. As a guide you can usually say that two points a game will get you in and around the play-offs or if not even better. This season it does not look like the bar is going to be set quite so high as even Derby have fallen behind in that target. I do struggle to find a reason though why this season more teams have not broken clear yet. It is not that a few hammerings haven't been given out, but defences seem to be doing well with the worst teams conceding less than two goals a game on average.

You can say it is a tighter league this year, and I think more competitive in that all the teams are of a similar standard, but I believe there is plenty of variety in the kind of football that is being played even between the top six that makes it an entertaining league. Those teams nearer the bottom that have only scored 12 goals this season so far might be struggling to see the excitement, but the intensity of the league will start to build now and the best teams are already rising to the top.

Everyone is trying to stamp their authority on the Championship and yet if you look at the top six only Derby have lost as many as two games in their last 10, and yet they sit top of the league! So don't pin your hopes on anyone having cracked it just yet. We can only hope that three point against Millwall today may help AFCB move away from a few of the chasers. UTCIAD!

Happy 37th Birthday Eddie Howe and 300 games as manager today! I think we'll have to sing Happy Birthday later at the game.

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