Monday, 3 November 2014

Are the Cherries still under the radar?

Eddie Howe does not like to think that the Cherries are making too many headlines. It is a problem that comes with the territory when you are winning a lot of games, but there are probably a couple of reasons why he wants the team to sneak under the radar for a bit longer.

Firstly, the team need to have the pressure kept off of them no matter how well they are doing, and whatever their league position is. It is easy to crack and lose many games in a row in the Championship, and some teams have already fallen back after strong starts this season. Secondly, there is that ominous January window coming up and Eddie Howe will be determined to keep his squad together as they make this push for a promotion challenge.

The league has changed quite a bit in the last four weeks or so. There was a real feeling that Derby would be the front runners and the rest may play catch up for the rest of the season. But already we see Watford are now top and Norwich are just hanging on to a top six place rather than sitting in an automatic promotion place. Eddie Howe is right to say that the season has only just begun and for Bournemouth the knowledge of being in the top two should not change anything regarding work ethic and what the team is doing on the pitch.
Something tells me the Cherries are being watched.
The Cherries have two away games now which are going to be very difficult and the team has to step up a level again if it is to threaten six away points. A return of four points from the Sheffield Wednesday and Middlesbrough games would be an excellent achievement and would keep the Cherries right up there, but even a defeat and a win would be good enough to keep the team highly placed. That is how far the Cherries have come in recent weeks and the importance of winning tight games like the Brighton match come into their own now as that indifferent performance gives the team an incentive to improve and kick on again.

With Middlesbrough and Wolves to play in the next few weeks, this could well be the really critical part of the season for the Cherries, as wins against those sides could open up a gap to these chasing teams. While Blackburn and Brentford look to be among the in form teams at present it is helpful that the Cherries are not due to play these two teams again for a while. Keeping unbeaten would be very special now and Eddie Howe will be trying to find ways of getting back to clean sheets.

While it was a surprise to see AFCB at the top of the table after two games it would not be such a surprise if it happens again in November, because of the football they have been playing. Shockctober was a massive month for the club and pushing on is the next step. If that means AFCB are on the radar of other teams then our players will have to deal with that. They also are coming to terms with the fact that they are probably among the best teams in this league and that this is a golden opportunity to achieve something that no other AFCB has ever done before. Keeping things ticking over nicely is what every one wants now.

Tommy is keeping the momentum going.
Tommy Elphick was certainly feeling that kind of vibe at the end of the Brighton match as he was waving his arms, trying to rouse the crowd even as he left the pitch after his interview. Players just love the passion that our home crowd is now giving them and it is clear that this is potentially a special season if the team can keep its winning habit going. 

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