Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Yann likes scoring at the South End

Yann Kermorgant must have a copyright order on spectacular goals at the Ted MacDougal stand. His volley against Ipswich had everyone in the ground marvelling at the quality of the finish and it is not the first time that he has done that having scored for Charlton in similar fashion against Bournemouth not so long ago. The Frenchmen is undoubtedly a player that has great technique and while some players only score such spectacular goals once in their lifetime, it all seems to come very naturally for Yann.

The goal that Yann scored against Ipswich was simply text book. Commentators were struggling to find the words to do justice to the strike which flew in at such pace that it stunned the Ipswich side. Yann is a big man but can shape himself for such volleys with great elegance and to meet the ball so flush must have even surprised him. No doubt there will be a lot of 5-10 year-olds trying to emulate such a finish in the playgrounds over the next few weeks. It was the kind of picture postcard goal that you only ever see in training books and is hard to match.

Some people have already said that it should be the goal of the season which is quite something when you look back at the goals that AFCB have already scored this season. I personally would go with the team goal against Norwich, but I have no problem with those who say that Yann's goal is of the highest quality, because it certainly was. 

The observant stadium announcer, Mike Botto pointed out that Marc Pugh was shadow practising the scissor kick finish behind Yann Kermorgant as the ball went in. It was good to know that he was getting in line in case Yann missed the ball. Special credit should also be mentioned for Simon Francis' terrific cross and the run of Andrew Surman away from the vicinity of the goal to draw the Ipswich players out and create more space. So while we focus in on Yann's finish, there was a lot more team play involved that you might have first imagined.

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