Sunday, 2 November 2014

Out of sorts but the points keep coming

Eddie Howe sounded very pleased that the Cherries managed to keep their winning run going against Brighton. This was a very tricky match and Bournemouth made heavy going of it at times. Working out why that was is something that Howe will be keen to find out in the next few days as Brighton broke the defensive record of the Cherries with two simply taken goals.
AFCB stride out ever closer to the top of the table.
Eddie Howe's words were perhaps the best for the description of this match: "We dug in." Eddie Howe referred to the Brighton goals as 'a slide rule pass and a ball over the top' which were both direct plays but AFCB just did not cope with them. Of course the Cherries did enough to win the game, but this was a useful reminder that there are going to be some very tight matches and it is important that the Cherries give themselves the best chance of picking up maximum points in such games.

Howe dismissed the weather conditions as a reason for the Cherries out of sorts passing in the first half. "I wouldn't say that played a part in our performance, I just thought for whatever reason our touch wasn't as assured, our passing wasn't as crisp as usual, some times that happens and sometimes you have to give credit to the opposition."

Personally, I would rather the team have work to do than thinking that everything is perfect as they have won a series of games and have had one giant score in recent weeks. Any complacency is soon punished in the Championship and despite AFCB's lofty position we have seen how difficult it becomes when you can't get a win. 

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