Wednesday, 26 November 2014

The Cherries must keep spirits high

AFCB have not been the hardest hit club in the Championship with injuries before this week with Elliott Ward being the only long term injury among the frequent starters. Now that a double blow has hit the same position, and the striker role, there is a worry that it could have an effect on the squad's confidence. Having seen pictures though of Tokelo beaming with a smile on his face I am keeping my fingers crossed that the players just take this in their stride and look to play even better to give those who are on the sidelines more encouragement to hurry back.
TK went for a big tumble but we want him back on his feet soon.
No injury is ever welcome but managers have to know that they can occur and usually do at the most inappropriate moment. Last season most of the injuries seemed to come in pre-season with Matt Ritchie and Tommy Elphick having to play catch up, but the Championship was bound to test the depth of AFCB's squad at some point.

While the team is strong in wide positions, the central spine of the team is not where you want to have big problems. If the team spirit has been high in recent weeks, the players know that they really have to pull together now to keep things going well without the help of  TK and potentially Callum Wilson for the Milllwall and sevreal more. I expect we will hear more about Callum's pull or strain in the week and if it is just that he needs a bit of rest after a hectic start to the season he may just make the miraculous recovery in time for the Millwall match. The fact that Eddie so quickly came out with thoughts of going into the emergency loan market takes a bit of pressure off of Callum I suppose to come back that soon. While he was clearly injured on Saturday we know that Callum won't want to miss a minute of the season if he can help it.
TK is hopefully still in good spirits.
Positives vibes are important though and if  Eddie has to bring some one in I am sure he will but tomorrow is the deadline. The mood in the camp needs to be good going into the Millwall game and a good result in that game will focus minds on what looks to be a big month for the Cherries.  UTCIAD! 

Finally, well done to the Development Squad and their 8-3 win against Cambridge! Both Jayden Stockley and Harry Cornick bagged hat-tricks. Stephen Purches' thoughts on the game are on the side panel of the blog.

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