Thursday, 13 November 2014

Callum Wilson is a marked man

Everyone knows who Callum Wilson is these days. The Championship teams are getting to know his qualities and his specialities for finding the net from all kinds of angles. But does that make it a more difficult task for Callum and AFCB?
Callum Wilson is one of the players that the whole
of the Championship are talking about this season.
Well, Callum has not been the only player who has been able to raise AFCB's goal count. Still Callum's contribution has been a major part of AFCB's good form having scored nine league goals and two League Cup goals. When he has not been actively scoring himself he has still managed to create space and make assists for others. The Sheffield Wednesday game particularly comes to mind when he did not quite get the breaks, but Ryan Fraser was able to capitalise on Wilson's strong play. AFCB are such a progressive passing side that they make space in and around the box for others, and if Callum is not able to get his shots off the team still manages to support him and will punish teams that fail to mark others.

In the last couple of weeks, Eddie Howe has mentioned that the team has been finding ways to win as they did against Brighton. It is not always going to be pretty and the Middlesbrough match was perhaps a dull affair compared to what had gone before. Aitor Karanka had two very good centre halves in place that did not give Callum Wilson as much room as he might have wished, but AFCB still created chances that might have counted on another day.

Finding ways of beating the sides that do match AFCB for quality and patience is something that will decide where the Cherries end up in the final shake up. The Cherries will benefit from other players getting goals at times rather than relying on Callum, so I am not too worried that he is coming in for special treatment. Callum himself has goe on a tremendous amount even since his arrival at AFCB. The U21 call up is proof of that and he will learn even more while he is in that international environment. He may be a marked man but he is likely to only get better.

Let's hope Callum gets the chance to play some minutes against Portugal's U21 at Turf Moor tonight. Congratulations also to Baily Cargill yesterday, scoring on his England U20 debut against Canada in the 2-2 draw at Dean Court!

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