Wednesday, 13 May 2015

AFCB players will become instant pin-ups!

While Eddie Howe has been in front of the Sky TV cameras and will surely see a lot more of the cameras in the coming months, there is going to be a lot more known about AFCB's players who will be monitored a little more closely by the national press than ever before. It has been amusing to hear how many other fans of Championship clubs have decided that AFCB have no stars and that they are simply a good team. In fact, it is quite possible that AFCB have more than 11 stars it is just that they all play to a very high level that does not make any one particularly standout as the golden boy of the team.
Callum Wilson - No 1 when it comes to AFCB pin ups?
Harry Arter will be another young fans want in their sticker books.
Matt Ritchie is another ace in AFCB's pack.
Now that AFCB are in the Premier League though the wonder goals that we have seen Yann Kermorgant, Matt Ritchie and Callum Wilson score will be under even more scrutiny than ever before. The spotlight will soon create stars of the players in the Cherries if they can keep the momentum going and start upsetting the teams that have enjoyed Premier League status for many years. Household names are created by endeavour and consistency and with more people able to comment and diagnose the strengths of AFCB's players they are likely to be categorised very quickly.

The obvious pin-up is Callum Wilson and his status and stock is surely going to rise very quickly if he gets off to a good start next season. Eddie Howe has said that all of the players are very grounded though and I am hoping that they stay that way as they get more attention. It is not just the magazines and radio interviews, but the constant exposure that the national press demand that is going to take some getting used to for players and fans alike.

As AFCB fan George James said on the Champions All Departments' podcast, we might all be rushing out to buy a Merlin Premier League sticker book to fill in over the summer months.

Well done to Harry Arter as well for being selected for the Republic of Ireland's provisional 33-man squad to play in the friendly against England (7 June) and in the Euro 2016 qualifier against Scotland (13 June) where he could come up against Matt Ritchie.

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