Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Can't wait to get your hands on those AFCB tickets?

Well the season ticket prices have been announced on the Official AFCB club site today. I am not going to comment on the prices as every body's financial situation is different and while some will say they are having to pay too much some will say it is cheaper than I thought it would be. The club will try and be as fair as it can and yet they are a business and have to seek a return that they feel is value for money for the product which is now the best football that AFCB fans will have potentially seen at Dean Court.

This may be a one-off season or it could be just the start of something special. The club will be transformed no matter what even if there are no more bricks to increase the capacity. Every match will be like a cup final for the Cherries and the fans that are lucky enough to have a season ticket or get the opportunity to go to a few games during the season. 
It could be a bit busy at Dean Court next season and
 there will be a great buzz around the ground.
The club also says there is a cap of 7000 season tickets so there should be tickets to buy before each home game this upcoming season. While some will dismay that they cannot get to see the team at home often enough, why not keep saving so that you can afford a treat to some on the away games? Yes, season ticket holders will have first dabs on the away game tickets but the amount of tickets available to the club should be higher than was available in the Championship and there will be games when AFCB's allocation is not all taken up in 2015-16 at away games. There is also the cup games as well to consider.  

Getting inside Dean Court though will be a privilege next season and I hope that as many fans as possible get that opportunity.

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