Sunday, 31 May 2015

Media spotlight will only intensify on AFCB

I hope you have all enjoyed seeing not only the team and the staff but also your faces as the fans if the club in the papers and over the Internet in the last few weeks. I have no doubt that it is only a taste of what is to come and the media attention on our beloved Cherries will potentially change how the club is seen by the outside world very quickly. New opinions will be formed and whatever happens in the Premier League the achievements of what AFCB has achieved in 2014-15 should never be devalued or forgotten by us fans. We might even get used to seeing the Cherries grab more headlines in the coming weeks and months.
The Cherries' crest is shining brighter than ever.
Now that the last game of the season has been played with the FA Cup final there will be even more focus on what the clubs are doing to get ready for next season. As one of the new boys in the Premier League most eyes have already been on AFCB, especially as the new signings are coming into the club early. The media attention is already intense and while the club and Eddie Howe are likely to prevent it from being too intrusive, in terms of stopping everyday work getting done, it is clearly great that more people now of AFCB's story and have more of an idea about the amazing journey we have all been on. But there will be more likelihood of some press that we won't like and even being present at the matches against Bolton and Charlton you could see how many more photographers were around and their eagerness to try and get the best photo.

I still believe the bond between the fans and players will remain strong and that the approachability of the club remains open and available to all. The next level of sharing the club's success though may involve giving up more time to chat to the media. I actually believe the club will handle this well as they are one of the most progressive clubs when it comes to marketing its image and getting its message across. It is likely that the club will become more noisy I suppose. The start to the Premier League campaign will be exciting and intriguing, not only for how well the team does but also in how it is perceived by a wider audience. At the moment AFCB are the lovable underdogs but things can change quickly.

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