Monday, 4 May 2015

The crowning of Champions - AFCB have been top of the class

It was the kind of day that will stay with AFCB fans for the rest of their days. The Cherries being crowned as Champions at The Valley was just the perfect end to the season for not only the 4000+ supporters that travelled up to witness the events in person, but back in Dorset I imagine there were many families who were listening to events as they unfolded and could not quite believe that the last moments of the season would have one final twist with Watford conceding a late goal to hand the title over to the Cherries.

The anticipation from the AFCB squad players was great to see.

The AFCB players were certainly prepared to celebrate as soon as the final whistle went. Eddie Howe and JT were standing on the edge of the dugout being surrounded by the eager faces of Ryan Fraser, Brett Pitman, Ryan Allsop and Elliott Ward and backroom staff. Yann Kermorgant is also seen urging the team on in the final minutes. The squad members couldn't wait to dash on to the pitch and when the whistle did go it was a frantic dash to reach the players and embrace them for their terrific achievement. I was also trying to look at the faces around me and the sheer excitement and pleasure on those etched faces was a joy to see.

It probably would not have been a big deal to the club in the long run if the team had finished second, but going into the game against Charlton I felt the pressure was all on Watford and their game while the Cherries could hit top gear at The Valley. Now having won the title you feel that AFCB's players were overjoyed and elated with the way things had turned out. Seeing the scores on the big screen at half time and even later into the game with everything still in Watford's favour could have made AFCB's players sink a bit, but they didn't slow down at all. The timing of the third goal and the news coming from Watford as well just seconds afterwards was such an eruption of spontaneous celebration on the stands that the players had to know that they would be champions at that moment. 

Seeing the platform being built and then Jeff Mostyn bringing the trophy out to go on the stand was a period during Saturday afternoon that will stay with me forever. I was thinking don't trip up now Jeff! I should have known that the cup was in safe hands and the handing out of the medals was just a blaze of photographs and singing that will long stay in the memory. Tommy Elphick was at the centre of everything - giving it to the fans big time! Yann Kermorgant was stuck like glue to the trophy and was with his children I imagine getting the family photo just right. It was certainly a special day for Yann, Simon Francis and Harry Arter with winning the title at The Valley. I also liked the selfies from Elliott Ward and Adam Smith, as well as Callum Wilson who looked to get the AFCB fans in on their big days and I guess it underlines how important us fans really are to this team as they were so keen to enjoy the moment with us and making us feel a big part of it all.

The medal ceremony and lifting of the trophy. 

Eddie Howe walks around with the trophy.

Then there was Eddie Howe who had a special photo shoot with Jeff Mostyn before carrying around the trophy again to show the fans and to let us enjoy the celebrations with him. The hairs were up on the back of my neck and I was just so pleased for Eddie smiling and enjoying the moment after all his and JT's work. Yes, I thought your CV looks more like it should now with not only a few promotions but a title as well. He's more than a bit special. He's our hero and if ever anyone in the town deserved the key's to Bournemouth it is surely Eddie Howe. 

The team make sure everyone sees the Trophy
 having already shown the Jimmy Seed stand.

The Championship Run-In features an update - The Rams and Wolves miss out on the play-offs.

I hope to see some of you at the Open Bus Tour today. Get yourselves down to the Piers - I'll be taking lots of photos!

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