Sunday, 24 May 2015

Surman has delivered Premier performances all season

There was no Harry Arter or Matt Ritchie or Callum Wilson picking up the players' player of the year award for AFCB this season. Instead it was the quiet and unassuming Andrew Surman who may have only scored a couple of goals in AFCB's historic 2014-15 promotion season, but who has more than kept his place in the starting 11 with 41 appearances. He is ever present in the side and his contribution has not been undervalued by his team mates that see him as the ball retainer and central rock on which the side has been able to turn defence into attack so quickly.

At 28, Surman (Surs - as he is called by the players) will be one of the key players for the club in the Premier League. His experience will be required as well as his vision at unlocking even tougher defences than in the Championship. The main question that I'd like to ask him though is can he do even more and take his game yet another step forward? As much as Andrew is seen as a dependable player it would be great to see him really pull those Premier League teams apart.

Andrew Surman is named the players' player of the year at AFCB.

What is clear is that AFCB play with a lot of partnerships in the team and Surman and Harry Arter are probably the most important pairing. No one gives the ball away less than Surman and that is going to be a vital requirement in the Premier League. 

Andrew has already said that he will be watching Norwich tomorrow on whether they can reach the Premier League. They have a tough battle on their hands with Middlesbrough. I take a quick look at that game and the possible consequences for the team that might miss out over at The Championship Run-In.

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