Thursday, 7 May 2015

Artur - sign here for the Cherries in the Premier League

There was an interview with Artur Boruc on the pitch and a lot of comments calling for him to stay, following the last game of the season, as the goalkeeper is due to go back to Southampton before breaking up for the summer after a great season with AFCB. He and AFCB fans I believe would like to extend his period at Dean Court with a permanent contract in the summer and if that happens it is likely to be the first summer signing of the Cherries as they look to go on their debut season in the Premier League.

Artur has shown that he is ready to play back
in the Premier League and why not at AFCB?
Artur has made some magnificent saves while he has been on the south coast and while he does have his faults in regards to distribution and sometimes seems to misjudge his decisions to come out and narrow the angles, he is an excellent shot stopper and catches crosses with natural calmness and authority. Having been in the Premier League he is the kind of signing that AFCB should be looking to attract to the club because that experience is something the team will need.

It was unusual that the subs bench on the final day had Ryan Allsop in his tracksuit as the number two. It is players like Ryan that could learn so much in the presence of Artur that is important for the development of the club. One or two big named players could undoubtedly come to the club over the summer and it is down to those already hear to try and show that they are worth their place in the squad and to battle for the shirt. The club has moved on fast and Premier League clubs tend to loan out many of their players and while Eddie Howe has done that with some individuals including Ryan I welcome the likes of Artur Boruc pushing the club on further to challenge those players that are already at Dean Court to raise their game.

The goalkeeper is a specialist position and I don't think that any of the Premier League teams can afford to have an inexperienced keeper between the sticks. Artur has all the attributes needed and AFCB's goal coaching staff should be able to work on what Artur needs to improve on to make him Poland's number one keeper again.
Artur was met with only one cry at the Victory Parade -
Sign him up, sign him up, sign him up!
In Artur's own words on the pitch at Charlton he signed off saying to Kelly Somers: "I would love to be here next season." 

When asked if where the medal around his neck ranked in his career achievements he said."I'm proud of it I'm proud of it. Hopefully next year we can get something similar in the Premier League."

New Football Trivia App
I was contacted by Ronan Murphy yesterday, who is a former performance analyst staff member at AFC Bournemouth. He has recently launched a football app called Know Football which is the first and only turn based football trivia app on the App Store and it's free to download - please give it a try and see if you know more about AFCB than your mates! It is only available on the itunes app store at the moment, but an Android version is also being worked on I'm told.

Know Football is for people that love football and love their clubs. Users can log in via Facebook, see their friends and challenge them to matches. Players face a football pitch graphic and have to answer football trivia questions correctly in order to complete passes and move up a pitch and score goals against their mates. Strategically, users select easy, medium or hard questions and then choose a question category, with club specific question packs available.

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